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The humble brick and its place in Scottish history

The humble brick is much underrated, underappreciated, undervalued and overlooked. 'Brick' is a generic term and with regards this project it stands for any clay related products manufactured at a Brick and Tile Works - bricks, drainage tiles, sewage pipes, animal feed troughs etc etc etc.

Stand up and be proud - I LOVE MY BRICK!

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The search for Scottish bricks

*************************************This is a Scotland wide community based project and I am looking for anyone no matter where they live in Scotland, or the world for that matter, to get in touch if they feel they can assist in anyway whatsoever.*************************************

This site is primarily to record and detail the Scottish brick manufacturing industry.

The aim is to try and identify all the Scottish brickmakers back through the generations and to preserve a physical example of their bricks. The physical examples, will in the main, only relate to those makers that marked their bricks in a way that they can be readily identified.

This is a facet of Scottish history that has been previously overlooked with regards to its recording, but nevertheless it is a very important one. The humble brick is virtually unique in that it knits together countless aspects of Scottish history - industrial, agricultural, social, military etc. Unless these bricks are located and preserved, they will soon be lost forever.

Please look at the list of Scottish bricks so far rescued.
Click here.

If you have one in your back garden that I do not have listed as being in my possession, then please feel free to get in touch if you would like to donate it to the cause.

You may of course wish to keep your brick, in which case I would be very grateful if you could forward a close up photograph of the brick so I can add its image to the Scottish brickmark list. There are many brickmarks and variations on a theme still to be found...back gardens will be hiding many of them!

I am also looking for areas to search for bricks - so if you know of a section of coast or river bank, demolition site etc where Scottish bricks can be found then please get in touch.

If I recover bricks from a shoreline where they have been deposited to prevent land erosion then I will replace them at the time - I always carry spares in the car for such a purpose.

Scottish brick found overseas – see menu link for full list

Random Scottish bricks from the collection
  • Clyde

    Found by Eddie McLean in Glasgow. Clyde Ironwork Brick Work, Tollcross, Glasgow. . . . .

  • A-R Adamantine 2105

    Found at the SteinManuel Works, Whitecross Unidentified maker but the find location would suggest Scottish origins but……

  • Brodie paver – 2 squares

    Found Buccleuch brickworks Sanquhar This paver is attributed to J Brodie, Sanquhar. It is not stamped. Sanquhar…

  • St Rollox

    Found on  the St. John River, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada by Jamie Wong. It was found among…

  • Gartshore

    Found on Bo’ness Firth of Forth Gartshore Brickworks, Kilsyth. . . . .  

Scottish brick history – see menu link for full list

Scottish brick history – see menu link for full list

Drainage pipes and tiles – see menu link for full list

Help Help! – Scottish bricks, information and areas to search are all requested.

If anyone has found a Scottish brick, any where in the world, then please get in touch. If it is abroad I would love to post a small article on my site with regards the overseas find location and any background information you may have
If you have found it in Scotland then please drop me an email with the brickmark details and I will check to see if we are aware of its existence. If we are not then I will add it to this National database of Scottish brickmarks. All donations of a currently unknown Scottish brickmark will of course be gratefully received. I will arrange pick-up.
Please also send me details of where you think I should look for Scottish bricks, old brickwork sites, foundry sites, river and shore dumps, fly-tipping areas etc etc ...all will be considered for a future visit.

Scottish brick collection is now rehoused!

For more photographs please Click here.

Scottish bricks overseas

This wonderful brick is somewhat of a rarity and this example appears to be the only recorded survivor so far and unbelievably it was found in Russia. If anyone has another example hiding behind the garden shed, propping up a broken bed leg or acting as a paper weight then I would love you to get in touch. Click here.

Information requested – Kilchattan Brickworks, Kilchattan, Bute

Information of any description is requested with regards the Kilchattan Brickworks, Kilchattan, Bute. I believe the brickworks may be on the grounds of Mount Stuart House and I am keen to ascertain if any marked bricks have ever been found by anyone on the island or further afield. I am currently researching these works for a forthcoming article on my site. Please click on the following link to see the article with the information gleaned so far. Click here.

Information requested – Tarrasfoot Tile Works, Dumfries and Galloway

Information of any description is requested with regards the Tarrasfoot Tile Works, Dumfries and Galloway (situated between Langholm and Canonbie) Please click on the following link to see the article with the information gleaned so far. Click here.

Information requested – Culloden brick & Tile Works

Information of any description is requested with regards the Culloden brick and tile works. In particular I would be interested in knowing if anyone has a marked brick or tile from the works

I am also interested to hear from anyone who has a copy of the "Inverness Field Year Book 1991 - 92" as they compiled an article on the works - part of which I have reproduced. Its great to see a local historical group taking an interest in Scotland's industrial brickworks history.

I am currently researching these works.

Please click on the following link to see the article with the information gleaned so far.

Click here.

Information requested – Blackpots Brick and Tile works, Banff

Information is requested on the Blackpots Brick and Tile works, Whitehills, Banff.

I have a roof tile marked Blackpots but as yet a similarly marked brick evades me. Any information on to the whereabouts of such a brick will be gratefully received. Finding such a brick would be a fantastic boost to my Scottish brick collection.

I would also love to hear from anyone that has information on the Blackpots works. Did your relatives work there. Do you have any photographs or headed note paper bearing the Blackpots name?

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Drongan brick sought

If anyone knows the whereabouts of a Drongan marked brick, I would love to hear from them.

I believe they were manufactured at the Drongan Castle Colliery, Drongan, Ayrshire.

Please get in touch if you can assist with an example for this Scottish brick collection

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Brick photo – worldwide

The families of 18 US servicemen who wrote their names on bricks during World War Two have been traced after an American woman helped with the search.

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum struggled to contact the relatives after finding 47 etched bricks at Ditchingham Maltings, Bungay, Suffolk.

Donna Goldbach-Martin from New Jersey heard about the story two years ago.

Curator Huby Fairhead said she had “made it a project to help me locate the families in America”.

The maltings was used as a storage depot by the 2212 Quarter Master Truck Company (Aviation) Combat Support Wing.

The bricks came to light when the building was being demolished to make way for housing.

Mr Fairhead said that Ms Goldbach-Martin heard about the museum’s search from a relative working in Norwich.

“So far, she has helped us trace 18 families, including the widow of Lavern H Berning, who sent a list of 80 veterans names in a newsletter which helped with further research into names,” he said.

“We’ve also just made contact with the family of Don Mann from Wisconsin, after Donna came up with an address and wrote to them.”

In November 2012, the project leaders said efforts to trace any of the service personnel had failed.

The bricks are now on display at the museum in Flixton.

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Featured Scottish Bricks

“John McKnight & Son PLAN Kilmarnock” brick brick sought

I am seeking an example of a "John McKnight & Son PLAN Kilmarnock" brick.

Anyone with any information on these brickworks or indeed with knowledge where I may pick an intact brick up for the collection, can contact me via the contact form on this site or direct by email to

Any information on these works would be greatly appreciated.

Click here.

Marykirk and Crail bricks sought

I would love to hear from anyone who may have a spare Marykirk brick from near Laurencekirk or a spare Crail brick from Crail in Fife.

Both examples are currently AWOL from this Scottish National brick collection. Any information on these bricks will be gratefully received.


Most Wanted !

There are many many bricks still to trace and rescue. I am looking for all brickmarks and variations that I do not currently possess however the following 2 are being highlighted as 'most wanted' a 'Pinkie, Musselbro' brick from East Lothian and a 'Peter Weir Patent Glasgow' brick from the Glasgow area. If you find any brickmark I do not have then I will do my utmost to uplift personally or arrange postal delivery. Many thanks for your assistance and efforts to save a little piece of Scottish history.

Brick memorabilia sought

Apart from bricks themselves I am keen to save and collate all relevant and associated memorabilia connected with the Scottish brick making industry. If you are cleaning up, down sizing etc and come across any leaflets, books, catalogues, adverts, old issues of the British Clayworkers Magazine etc, on the subject of bricks then please consider me as an alternative home for them - please do not throw them out. I will consider taking anything relevant. These items will be preserved and hopefully one day become part of a National brick related database.

Brick related memorabilia

Sanquhar & Kirkconnel Collieries headed notepaper detailing a reply to an enquiry dated 13/10/1922 to Wm Forsyth Esq, Town Clerk, Sanquhar for 8 panel paving bricks at 130/- per 1000 and signed J Gordon. Click here.

Unidentified Bricks

Scottish brickmaker adverts – See title bar for link.

Missing in action !


Aberdeen request

Aberdonian assistance sought!

Any information as to where to find any bricks manufactured in the Aberdeen area would be gratefully appreciated. I have several bricks marked 'Seaton' and 'Torry' but there will be many more out there, even if they are variations on a theme e'g Seaton 5, Seaton 20

Click here.

In particular I would love to hear from anyone that has a brick or drainage tile marked Clayhills, Aberdeen.

Unidentified bricks

Please click on the link below and see if you can assist with any of the queries or unidentified bricks - research takes a long time so any help in this area would be gratefully accepted.

Thank you

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Mytery of the Month – brick stamped ^ IH ^

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the symbols on this brick mean. It was found in Paisley Scotland. Very much a conundrum – Upward pointing arrow, then a stylised I and H and then another upward pointing arrow – of course this could read the other way too if they are downward pointing arrows – H and I. Any ideas. Click here.


Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who contacts me with information as to where I might find bricks lying around or indeed those that actually find and put aside a few examples for me to uplift later.

This assistance is greatly appreciated and undoubtedly helps me in trying to rescue as many Scottish bricks as possible. Thank ye kindly.

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