Scottish bricks found in Canada

These were found by Lindsay Townsend in Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada.

Lindsay states – Cumberland BC was a coal mining town (originally called Union), which operated 8 coal mines from the late 1890s until as late as the mid-1950s. The brick I found was near to the sites of the oldest two of these mines, the No. 1 and the No. 2.

It is believed that these Atlas bricks were manufactured at the Atlas Brickworks, Bathville, Armadale, West Lothian.



Below – A partial ‘Gartcraig’ brick found at the No. 5 Mine site, which opened in 1895.

Lindsay states – I didn’t find any complete bricks, but it’s very clear they are Gartcraig bricks when comparing examples from your site as the brick colour and lettering match perfectly. I found those sometime last year when I was just getting started on my mine hunting endeavours. Most of them were partially burnt and from old photographs the place I found them seems to have been the location of the boiler plant.

Gartcraig Fire Clay Works, By Millerston, Glasgow.

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