Pitfour Brick and Tile Works, St. Madoes, Glencarse, Perth and Kinross


07/06/1838 – Perthshire Advertiser – Pitfour Brick and Tile Works are now in operation and written orders will be received by William Hay, overseer, Pitfour. 28/05/1838.

16/04/1840 – Perthshire Courier – Pitfour Brick and Tile Works.


Below – 26/11/1840 – Perthshire Advertiser – Pitfour Tileworks to let. Machinery includes 2 x steam-driven, Marquis of Tweeddale’s patent machines.

14/06/1842 – Northern Warder and General Advertiser – Errol – Dahlia growers would do well to inspect a simple yet ingenious instrument made of clay, and then burned at the Pitfour Tileworks, for protecting that beautiful plant from snails. It is, we believe, the invention of Mr Ambrose, schoolmaster, St Madoes, and is used by him in his extensive dahlia garden.

16/12/1847 – Perthshire Advertiser – Tile and Brick Work to be let and sale of machinery. The Work at Pitfour, Carse of Gowrie with the brick, tile and pipe making machinery and a steam engine for working same. The work is within a short distance of the Glencarse Station of the Dundee and Perth Railway. Apply to Mr James Wilson, Land Steward, Pitfour who will receive offers till 7th January 1848 or if preferred the whole machinery will be sold. Pitfour 14/12/1847.

02/01/1850 – Perthshire Constitutional & Journal – Pitfour Tilework. Reduction in the price of drain and roofing tiles. The stock on hand is for sale at a reduction of ten per cent. Pitfour Tilework. 11/12/1849.

20/02/1850 – Perthshire Constitutional & Journal – Pitfour Tilework. For sale, 200,000 draining tiles, 2 1/2″ by  3 inches at 18s per thousand. Apply to Robert Cooper at the tileworks. Perth 06/02/1850.

Below – 06/08/1858 – Dundee Perth and Cupar Advertiser – Caithness pavement, Inchcoonan common clay goods and Blaydon Fireclay Goods – Robert Small.

Below – 29/07/1859 – Dundee Advertiser – Robert Small advert.

Below – 09/03/1860 – Dundee Advertiser – Robert Small advert.

01/05/1863 – Dundee Advertiser – Common clay goods, brick and drain pipes, roof tiles etc. Fire clay goods, bricks, pipes, vents, linings, flue covers, clay etc. Lime – Robert Small, Yeaman Court, Dundee.

28/12/1865 – Perthshire Advertiser – To brick and tile makers – Contractors wanted for making a quantity of bricks and tiles on the estate of Pitfour in the Carse of Gowrie. Apply to Messrs MacKenzie and Dickson, Solicitors. 21/12/1865

1867 – Robert Small – Coal, lime, brick and sewer pipe merchant. Agent for North British and Mercantile, and Royal Exchange Insurance Companies, Yeaman Court, Yeaman Shore, Dundee. House Eden House.

20/05/1871 – Dundee Peoples Journal – Commencement of the Tay Bridge Works … A contract has also been entered into with Messrs Robert Small & Company for several million bricks …

27/05/1871 – Dundee Peoples Journal – It is understood that the contractors for the Tay Bridge have arranged for obtaining a large quantity of bricks from Messrs Robert Small & Co, brick and tile manufacturers, Dundee.

20/03/1873 – Dundee Courier – Pitfour Patent Brickwork. Men wanted to engage for the season. Houses provided for families. Apply W. Gilmour at the works.

26/03/1873 – Dundee Courier – Roof tile maker and workmen wanted at Pitfour Patent Brickwork. Houses provided for families. Apply W. Gilmour at the works.

1878 – Robert Small – Brick and Tile Maker, St Madoes, Glencarse, Perthshire.

Below – 15/05/1879 – Fatal accident at the Pitfour Brickworks, leased by Messrs Small & Co, St Madoes. David Bell (16) fatally injured.


29/07/1879 – Dundee Advertiser – Highland Society Show at Perth – … Messrs Robert Small & Co., Yeaman Shore, who are exhibitors at Stand No. 143 of drain tiles, roofing tiles, common clay, circular and side arch bricks. The pressed bricks, though 5s* per thousand dearer, have a finer finish, are more durable, and are immeasurably superior to ordinary bricks. It is of the pressed bricks that the Tay Bridge piers are constructed.

29/10/1879 – Dundee Evening Telegraph – Licensing Court – An application for the renewal to a license for a public house in Leetown, Errol was opposed by Sir John Richardson and he considered the house was unnecessary and that it was a great temptation to the people employed at the Pitfour Brickwork.

28/08/1880 – Dundee Advertiser – Robert Small & Co, Coal, brick, lime and cement merchant, Yeoman Shore, Dundee.

26/07/1881 – Births – at Hawkstone, Glencarse on the 21st, the wife of Wm Gilmour, Pitfour Brick and Tile Works, a son.

01/08/1881 – Dundee Courier – Retirement of partner – Robert Blackadder, civil engineer, Dundee, one of the partners of Robert Small Company, coal merchants in Dundee, and brick and tile makers, Pitfour the Carse of Gowrie, has retired from the said firm, and ceased to be partner thereof from and after the 15th May last … signed R. Blackadder and Frank Collier.

03/08/1881 – Shipping and Mercantile Gazette – Partnerships dissolved – Robert Blackadder and Frank Collier, coal merchants Dundee and brick and tile makers, Pitfour, Gowrie.

1882 – Robert Small & Co, Pitfour Brickworks, Glencarse, Perth & Yeaman St, Dundee.

01/04/1882 – Dundee Advertiser – Brick burners and setters. Wanted one of each (young men) for a brickwork at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Passage paid. Apply with a certificate of character and ability to Wm. Gilmour, Pitfour Brick and Tile Works, Glencarse, near Perth. (Note – SBH – Does anyone know if there was a direct relationship between the Pitfour Brickworks and a brickworks in South Africa?).

Below – 28/04/1882 – Dundee Advertiser.

16/03/1883 – Dundee Advertiser – Common clay bricks – for sale, a large quantity of clinker or undersized bricks suitable for inside work or foundations. Price 20s per 1000 at Glencarse Station. Apply Robert Small & Co, Dundee.

1886 – William Gilmour, manager Pitfour Brickworks. Hawkstone House, St. Madoes, Errol, Perthshire.

14/04/1885 – Dundee Telegraph – Robert Small & Co – coal. lime & cement manufacturers & brick manufacturers. Office Yeaman Shore, Dundee. Agents for R Lindsay & Co, Dunfermline and J & M Craig, Kilmarnock manufacturers of fire clay goods.

1886 – Robert Small & Co, Pitfour Brickworks, Glencarse, Perth & Yeaman Shore, Dundee.

29/07/1887 – Dundee Courier – Robert Small & Co, manufacturers of all description of common clay bricks and agricultural drain pipes, Pitfour Patent brick and tile works, Glencarse by Perth. Coal, lime fireclay and cement merchants. Office – Yeaman Shore, Dundee.

30/06/1888 – Dundee Weekly News – Dundee Mechanical Society – On Saturday afternoon a party of the Dundee Mechanical Society visited Messrs Robert Small & Co.’s Pitfour Brick and Tile Works, Glencarse.  They were met at the station by Mr Gilmour, their manager, who had a conveyance in waiting to take them to the works.  He accompanied them through the whole works and gave them a detailed description of the various departments.  The machinery was set in motion for the purpose of showing with what precision and speed bricks and pipes were turned out, each machine being able to produce from 10,000 to 12,000 per day.  They were next shown through the large kiln, the particular method of firing this kiln being specially noticed. The ovens and outside dykes were next examined. A visit was also paid to the clay hill, where Mr Gilmour explained to them its extent and working.  It may be mentioned that all the bricks in the old and new Tay Bridges were supplied by Messrs R. Small & Co.  On the motion of Mr William Bruce Mair, their President, the members accorded a hearty vote of thanks to Messrs R. Small & Co., and also to Mr Gilmour, the manager, for their kindness, after which the party left for home highly pleased with their visit.

15/07/1891 – The Scotsman – Pitfour Patent Brick and Tile Works, Glencarse for sale.


05/11/1892– Dundee Advertiser – Glencarse Public Hall opened. Built with Pitfour bricks under the supervision of Mr William Gilmour, Pitfour.

Below – 08/03/1894 – Dundee Courier – Dundee Gas Commission accept tenders. Prices are given.

13/04/1895 – Dundee Advertiser – William Gilmour of Glencarse brick works rents Gallowflat Farm … A good deal of drainage needs to be overhauled.

02/12/1895 – Dundee Advertiser – Mr T W Grieg of Glencarse addressed a meeting of the electors in the West Carse Hall, Glencarse on Friday evening. Mr William Gilmour of Pitfour Brick and Tile Works presided and there was a large attendance.

1897 – William Gilmour, Pitfour Brickworks, Glencarse.

06/03/1897 – Dundee Advertiser – Man (steady) wanted as Wayman for a short railway at Pitfour Brick and Tile Works, Glencarse. Apply Mr Gilmour at the Works.

Below – 1898  – Pitfour Brick and Tile Works.


1899 – William Gilmour, Pitfour Brickworks, Glencarse.

30/03/1899 – Dundee Courier – Fatal result of an accident – The accident which took overtook Robert Gilmour, Jun, Brickworks, Glencarse about a month ago has had a fatal termination, the unfortunate fellow having succumbed to his injuries in Perth Infirmary. Gilmour received his injuries through falling over a wooden gangway at the works leading to the top of the kiln.

Below – Sept 1899 – The British Clay Worker – Death of William Gilmour.

06/09/1899 – Dundee Advertiser – Deaths – At Hawkstone House, Glencarse, on 5th instant, William Gilmour, managing partner Pitfour Brick and Tile Company, aged 62.

1901 – Directory of Clay Workers – Taylor Bors, Yeaman Shore, Dundee – commons, drain pipes, fire clay bricks and pipes. Agents for Pitfour Brick and Tile Company, Glencarse. Telegraph Address ‘Minerals, Dundee’. Tel 107.

Below – 13/09/1901 – Dundee Courier – Taylor Bros dissolved – Thomas Barron Taylor and the now deceased William Robertson Taylor.

06/08/1903 – Dundee Courier – Mr Samuel Nichol marries Minnie Gilmour daughter of the late William Gilmour, Pitfour Brick and Tile Works.

10/10/1903 – The Scotsman – Pitfour Brick and Tile Works, Glencarse for sale.


24/09/1904 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – The Pitfour Brick and Tile Company, 25 George Street, Perth to take over the business of brick and tile manufacturers carried on by the Pitfour Brick Company of Glencarse, by Perth.

Below – 1912 – Pitfour Brick and Tile Works.


20/06/1913 – The Edinburgh Gazette – Notice is hereby given that a Petition has been presented to the First Division of the Court of Session (Mr Adam, Clerk) by Mrs Helen Adamson or Swan, sometime residing at 5 Teviot Place, Edinburgh, afterwards in Montreal, Canada, and presently in Scotland, with the consent of her husband, Andrew Don Swan, Civil Engineer. Montreal, Canada, for winding up The Pitfour Brick and Tile Company Limited; upon which Petition the following Deliverance has been pronounced:— Edinburgh, 18th June 1913.—The Lords appoint the Petition to be intimated on the walls and in the minute book in common form, and to be served upon the Pitfour Brick and Tile Company Limited, and upon Charles McNicoll and Alexander Gowrie Gilmour, mentioned in the petition: also appoint notice of the petition to be advertised in the Edinburgh Gazette, and once in each of the Scotsman and Dundee Advertiser newspapers and allow the said Pitfour Brick and Tile Company and all persons having an interest to lodge answers within eight days after such intimation, service, and advertisement. (Sgd.) Dunedin, I.P.D. Cowan & Stewart, Agents for Petitioner 10 Castle Street, Edinburgh 20/06/1913.

15/07/1913 – The Scotsman – Court of Session – Summer Roll – Petition  – Mrs Helen Swan for winding up Pitfour Brick and Tile Co Ltd. Note James W Anderson for supervision order in the liquidation of Pitfour brick and tile co ltd.

10/09/1913 – The Scotsman – Pitfour Brick and Tile Works, Glencarse for sale due to liquidation.


09/01/1914 – Edinburgh Gazette – Further legal details regarding the liquidation (under supervision) of The Pitfour Brick and Tile Company Limited.

08/02/1926 – Elizabeth Christie dies. Daughter of the late William Christie, Pitfour brick works, Glencarse.

Below – 1938 – Pitfour Brick and Tile Works.


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