Scottish bricks found in Canada

Many thanks to Debbie Clipperon for the following information.

Debbie states – In the 1800’s our village was pretty much settled by Scottish settlers and shipbuilding and lumber were our main industries. (Gone now) but the story goes, that the sailing ships would come and go from Scotland, full of broken bricks for ballast, dumped in our river and the boats would return to Europe full of lumber to build ships and housing in Scotland. The bricks were dumped in the same spot and an island was formed. The bricks literally wash up on shore to this day.

Gartcraig Fire Clay Works, By Millerston, Glasgow.

Below – The ‘Gartcraig’ Island is shown in the top right of this photograph.

Below – Gartcraig Scotland Gaskil.

Below – Gartcraig Scotland.

Below – Gartcraig.

Below  – This is possibly stamped G & A. (Note – SBH – The meaning behind G & A is currently unknown – is it the manufacturer or the customer. None of these bricks have been recorded as being found in Scotland. The only known examples have been found in Canada).

Below – Unknown brickmark but it is likely stamped ‘G & A Scotland’.

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