Scottish bricks found in Canada

Many thanks to Robert Clark for the following photographs and information regarding Scottish bricks found in the Ottawa area of Canada.

Below – Govan – This is very likely to be Scottish and manufactured at a works in Govan, Glasgow. The exact works are unknown as there are several possibilities including

Mallsmire Fire Brick Works, Polmadie, Govan, Glasgow


Govan Colliery Brickworks, Polmadie, Glasgow.

Robert states – This one is from near a steam-powered pump house that supplied water to the Parliament buildings. It was built in 1865. The building was used for different purposes until sometime between 1910 and 1920, when it was demolished.

Below – The following bricks were found at Skead’s Mill site in the west end of Ottawa.

Robert states – It was a steam-powered sawmill built in 1869, reopened in 1873 after a fire, and burnt down again and for good in 1888. The bricks were all found in the boiler house. There were 8 boilers insulated with the bricks and fueled with sawdust and scraps from the milling operation.

Cardowan and Cardowan Patent – Cardowan Fire Clay Works, Stepps, Glasgow.


Below – Heatheryknow Patent Glasgow – Heatheryknowe Fire Clay Works, Glasgow

Below – Clyde – Clyde Ironwork Brick Work, Tollcross, Glasgow.

Below – A map of Skead’s Mill.

Robert states – I also attach an aerial shot of the footprint of the building on the site. Blue is wood construction and red stone construction. The four big stone piers in the sawmill building were foundations for the saws. The water on the left is the Ottawa River.

Below – Starworks Glenboig  – Found at the Gilmour Hughson Mill site.

Glenboig Union Fireclay Company, Glenboig, Lanarkshire.

Alternative brickworks include:

  • Glenboig Star Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire.
  • Glenboig Fireclay Works, (Old Works) Glenboig, Lanarkshire

Below – 2 x ‘Gartcraig Scotland’ variations – Gartcraig Fire Clay Works, By Millerston, Glasgow. Found on the Gilmour-Hughson mill site.

The bottom brick looks like a ‘Webster’ – possibly Webster Fire Brick Co as owned by Harbison-Walker Refractory Co, USA.

Below  – ‘Hurll Glasgow and ‘Gartcraig’. The ‘GO’ may be another Govan stamped brick. Found on the Gilmour-Hughson mill site.

Hurll – Garnqueen Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire.

Alternative brickworks include:

  • Gartliston Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire.

Building bricks at Garscadden Works, Drumchapel.

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