The following ‘Stirling’ brick was found by Tracie Perrie on the shore at Borden, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The manufacturer of this firebrick is unknown but it was found amongst Glenboig and Gartcraig bricks (and possibly Thistle bricks) – see this link.

It is very likely this brick has Scottish origins albeit the brickworks it was manufactured is uncertain.

Following on from the above information it appears a Mr John Wilson was CEO/manager of the Bonnybridge Silica and Fire Clay Works, certainly between 1918 and 1922 and worked for the company for 40 years. Bricks stamped ‘Wilson’ to one side and ‘Stirling’ to the other have been found in Scotland and are believed to have been possibly manufactured by the Bonnybridge Silica and Fire Clay Company. Other bricks have been found stamped solely with ‘Stirling’.  ‘Stirling’ may represent the area of manufacture – Stirlingshire.

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