These are in the possession of Ian Suddaby and were found in the Alloa area.

Unidentified manufacturer but is very likely to be Scottish product.

Ian states – Still in the Alloa area, this remarkable horseshoe field drain and the sole (or base plate) that it rested on were found yesterday. Both are stamped DRAIN and were therefore made between 1784 and 1850. Tiles stamped Drain are very rare but this is the first base plate I’ve ever seen to have the Drain impression on it. Shame it’s broken but all the pieces were found and the lettering is very attractive. Thanks very much Rachel. (Note – SBH – The date of such stamped products can possibly be narrowed even further to 1826 – 1850. The tax on drains was repealed in 1826 as long as they stamped drainage-related products with the word ‘Drain’.

Unknown maker but the Throsk Brick & Tile Works was just across the River Forth.


Below – A full-size brick stamped similarly. Found by Drew and Anne Mitchell while walking between Kincardine and Clackmannan.

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