Found by Ian Suddaby in the Bonnybridge area.

This example is not in my possession.

The manufacturer is unknown but highly likely to be of Scottish origins.

Ian states – More brick mysteries. This time it’s a possible company called Wilson which might be based in Stirling and where their bricks were made. According to the Scottish Brick History website (link below), the Falkirk Community Trust have a diamond-shaped iron stamping plate containing the Wilson name and they say that these bricks were made at the BSF Works (Bonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Co. Ltd). The same link also shows one of the three Wilson Stirling bricks found and this one was recovered by Bill Duff at the Hilton Works, Alloa. This frogged fireclay brick has a diamond shape but it’s not the same as the iron stamp plate. A second, different Wilson Stirling brick was found by me at the Hilton Works and a similar third was found by me at Dykehead Firebrick Works at Bonnybridge along with one that only says Stirling. None have been found so far on the site of the BSF Works.

We really do need to identify the Wilson company or person but it looks like they had bricks made at least one and possibly three Scottish brickworks. 1930s?

Following on from the above information it appears a Mr John Wilson was CEO/manager of the Bonnybridge Silica and Fire Clay Works, certainly between 1918 and 1922 and worked for the company for 40 years so he may well be the name stamped on these bricks and ‘Stirling’ represents the area of manufacture – Stirlingshire.

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