Victoria Brickworks, Caledonia Lane, Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Victoria Brickworks, Caledonia Lane, Paisley, Renfrewshire. (Note – SBH – Are these the same works that are referenced as being the Victoria Brickworks, Love Street, Paisley. Indeed The Victoria Brickworks off Caledonia Lane are only a short distance from Love Street but from the maps, they do not appear to be accessed from Love Street. Are they also the same works as referenced by the Love Street Brickworks, Paisley, Renfrewshire).

1851 – 1852 J & J Thomson, brick builders, and manufacturers of draining tile and bricks of all descriptions. Brickworks East Lane, 22 Williamsburgh. House 24 do. Also Victoria Brickworks, (West) 31 Caledonia Street (Page 88).

29/03/1855 – Caledonian Mercury – Sequestrations. J. & J. Thomson, bricklayers and brick manufacturers in Paisley and John Thomson and James Thomson, bricklayers and brick manufacturers in Paisley, the individual partners of that Company and as individuals. Creditors meet in the Saracen’s Head Inn, Paisley, 6th April, one o’clock. Walter Lamont Houstin, Paisley, interim factor. (Houston?).

03/05/1855 – Caledonian Mercury – Edinburgh Gazette – Sequestrations – Meetings – Creditors of J & J Thomson, bricklayers and brick manufacturers in Paisley meet in the office of David Campbell, writer, County Place, Paisley, 22nd May at two o’clock.

1856 – 1857 – ScotlandsPlaces – Victoria Brickworks. Middling sized brickworks. Situated off Caledonia Lane. The property of the Burgh of Paisley. Mr John Thomson occupier. (Note – SBH – This may be the same John Thomson as was involved with the Merryflats Brickworks).

Below – 1858 – Victoria Brickworks, Paisley.


Below – 1858 – Victoria Brickworks, Paisley.

Below – 1858 – Victoria Brickworks, Paisley.

Below – 1858 – Clayfield to the South of Caledonian Lane which may be the one referred to in the article below dated 18/02/1860. (Note – SBH – I have added this map here and the article dated 18/02/1860as I believe this clayfield was once part of the Victoria Brickworks which were situated a very short distance to the Southeast. Both were owned by John Thomson).

04/02/1860 – Paisley Herald – Clayfield to let. To be let by public roup within the Council Chambers, County Buildings, Paisley on Thursday 16th February current at one o’clock afternoon. That clayfield situated to the South of Caledonia Lane, Paisley with the ground to the North thereof, all as recently occupied by John Thomson, brick manufacturer, with entry as at Martinmas last. For particulars apply to the Town Chamberlain of Martin & Hodge, Town Clerks either of whom will give information of the upset fixed rent and lordship and terms and conditions set. Paisley 3rd February 1860.

Below – 18/02/1860 – Paisley Herald – Letting of a clay field. Extraordinary competition. On Thursday the Burgh Trustees exposed (within the Council Chambers) the clay field to the south of Caledonia Lane, recently occupied by Mr John Thomson, to let for a period of five years. The minimum rent was fixed at £5o, and the upset lordship was per thousand bricks, and for each kiln of tiles. The bidding was by a percentage on the lordship. After a very keen competition, it was knocked down an advance of 128 per cent. The lordship on the bricks made under this lease will be something like 3s 4d per thousand. Hitherto the Burgh Trustees have never obtained higher lordship than 1s 6d for the same quantity.

Below – 10/04/1863 – Paisley Herald – Thomas McKaig, late foreman to Messrs John Rankine & Co has leased a clayfield belonging to the Burgh Trust and commenced work as a builder and brickmaker.

13/01/1866 – Glasgow Herald – The workers of Thomas McKaig, brick builder, donate £0 15s 0d to the treasurer of the Paisley Infirmary.

22/08/1868 – Renfrewshire Independent – On Tuesday, before Sheriff Spittal, John Cox was charged with stealing a number of joiners tools and a piece of india rubber tube from the engine house of the Victoria Brickworks, Love Street, having broken open a lockfast chest. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

29/08/1868 – Glasgow Herald – The workers of Thomas McKaig, Victoria Brickworks donate £1 3s 6d to the treasurer of the Paisley Infirmary.

Below – 11/12/1869 – Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette –  Fatal accident in a field belonging to Thomas McKaig, a brick manufacturer.

1871 – 1872 – Thomas McKaig, Victoria Brickworks, Love Street, Paisley. Ho 30 New Sneddon Street.

01/07/1871 – Paisley Herald – Messrs Clark & Co, Anchor Thread Works are erecting a new building on the south side of Auchentorlie Road … Thomas McKaig, Paisley awarded the brickwork contract.

03/07/1875 – Paisley and Renfrew Gazette – Reference to Thomas Hillcoat, a foreman with Thomas McKaig leaving to set up a business with George Robertson.

1882 – Thomas McKaig, brick, drain and tile maker, 30 Love Street, Paisley.

08/08/1885 – Paisley and Renfrew Gazette – On Monday, Hugh Stevenson, fifteen years of age, bogie driver, son of Thos. Stevenson, blacksmith, 11 Abingdon Place, Springbank Road, met with a serious accident while engaged driving a bogie in the Victoria Brickworks, 28 Love Street, belonging to Thomas McKay (McKaig?), brick manufacturer. The boy was crushed between the bogie and a brick wall, and severely injured about the left side. Dr Taylor was in attendance, but finding the lad unconscious, ordered his removal to the Infirmary. The lad is now in a fair state of recovery.


1886 – Thomas McKaig, brick and drain, tile maker, 30 Love Street, Paisley.

1891 – 2  – Thomas McKaig, brick manufacturer, Victoria Brickworks, Love Street, Paisley.

Daniel Hillcoat, Foreman and brickmaker with Thomas McKaig – House 28 Love Street, Paisley.

Below – 15/09/1894 – Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette – The subsidence of council lands. Council v Speirs and Gibb. Mr Thomas McKaig, Paisley acting as arbiter.

1900 – 1901 – Thomas McKaig, brick manufacturer and builder, Victoria brickworks, 28 Love Street. House St. Helen’s, Greenock Road (p 113).

Daniel Hillcoat, foreman brickmaker with Thomas McKaig. House, 28 Love Street (p78).

Gavin Hillcoat, brick burner, Nethercommon (p78).

1901 – 1902  – Thomas McKaig, brick manufacturer and builder, Victoria brickworks, 28 Love Street. House, St. Helen’s, Greenock Road.


Below – 27/01/1866 – Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette – Brickfield in Paisley to let -To let on Lease, for such number of years as may be agreed upon, The Love Street, Brickfield, lying betwixt the foot of Love Street and the Greenock Road, Paisley, with the dwelling house, stables, barn and loft, as recently occupied Mr Robert Adams. There is a plentiful supply of excellent clay on the field, and, from its proximity to the town, it well adapted for carrying on the business of a Brick and Tile Manufactory. There are a steam engine and gearing, boiler, stalk vent, brick machine, and other fittings and erections on the premises, which could be taken by the tenant at a valuation. Apply to Mr James Caldwell, Writer, No. 33 Old Sneddon Street, Paisley. Paisley, January 1866.

(Note – SBH – I am uncertain whether this is a reference to the Victoria Brickworks of the clay pits shown on the associated 1895 map)

Below – 1895 – Clay pits situated at the end of Love Street. Paisley.

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