Naval Base, Rosyth, Fife

Naval Base, Rosyth, Fife – This should be read in conjunction with Cruicks Pottery and Terracotta Works, Inverkeithing.

Bricks to be manufactured on-site?

24/11/1906 – It is understood that the Tilbury Dock Company have acquired the Cruicks Quarry at Inverkeithing, which was carried on by Messrs Street Brothers. The Tilbury Coy. also acquired a large tract of quarrying ground, and it is supposed that the concerns will be worked in connection with the Rosyth Naval Base.

13/09/1909 – Dundee Courier – 2300 men may be employed at Naval Base. Big scheme for the erection of houses – An indication of the extent the work at the Rosyth Naval Base is given in a letter which has been received by Mr J.R. Menzies, town clerk at Inverkeithing, from Mr Robert Knaggs, manager of the Tilbury Dredging and Contracting Company, Ferry Toll. He stated that along with two of his Directors he considered the question of erecting about forty houses on a feu at Ferry Toll, as immediately the Naval Base started they might employ about 2300 men. The directors were afraid they might find difficulty in finding houses for men and suggested that the Town of Inverkeithing permit his firm to demolish the old brickwork at Cruicks, and utilise the bricks, &c., for the erection of cottages. It is understood that the Inverkeithing Councillors were of opinion that the proposal should be agreed to, with certain stipulations.

11/05/1910 – Dundee Courier – Court case – Action against Rosyth contractors in connection with the loss of an eye – In Dunfermline Sheriff Court yesterday action was brought under the Workmen’s Compensation of George Knox, Jun, assistant crane-driver, Cruick’s Brickwork, against Easton Gibb & Son, contractors, Rosyth Naval Base. (Note – SBH – So were Easton and Son working a temporary kiln to manufacture bricks as some posts suggest or were they leasing Cruicks Brickworks as this post suggests?)

Below – 27/05/1910 – The Scotsman – Compensation for loss of an eye – George Know Jnr,  Cruicks Brickworks, Inverkeithing claims against Easton Gibb and Son, contractors, Rosyth Naval Base, for the loss of an eye.



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