Pittenweem Brick and Tile Works, Pittenweem, Fife

10/04/1874 – East of Fife Record – Proposed new brickworks. On Saturday last a portion of the town’s lands in the Myres was exposed to let by public roup for the purpose of a brick and tile works being erected thereon, with the exclusive right to the clay. The upset price was £40 per annum and Mr Graham-Yooll being the only offerer it was knocked down to him at that sum. The lease is for 15 years with liberty under certain conditions to terminate the agreement at the end of 3 1/2 or 9 years.

13/04/1874 – Glasgow Herald – Pittenweem Town Council – A meeting of this council was held on Thursday evening, with Provost Tosh presiding. The clerk reported that 1 acre of the town’s lands had been let to Mr A Graham Yooll, for the erection of brick and tile works at £40 per annum.

29/07/1875 – Fife Herald – Building speculation. It is reported that a range of brick houses are to be erected on the field acquired at the sale at St Monance by a company, in which a leading place is held by A. G. Yool, Esq, of the Pittenweem Brick and Tile Works. At so early a stage, of course, our notice can only thus be incidental.

1878Graham-Yooll and Son, brick and tile maker, Pittenweem, Fifeshire.

11/01/1878 – Dundee Evening Telegraph – Case from Lochee in Cupar Sheriff Court. In the Debts Recovery Court, Cupar, on Thursday, William Millar, brickmaker, Logic Street, Lochee, sued Messrs Graham Yooll & Son, Pittenweem, for £44 3s 11d, being the balance of an account for work done at the brick and tile work Pittenweem, and for stock of goods taken possession of by the defenders. Payment was refused on the ground that the work charged for had not been done. After hearing the evidence for the pursuer, Sheriff Bell did not think it was necessary to call any for the defence. In his opinion, the case had been made out all, and he, therefore, granted absolvitor, allowing the defenders £7 3s 2d expenses.

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