Giffnock Brickworks, Thornliebank, Giffnock, East Renfrewshire

Jordanhill Brickworks were in operation until the raw materials were exhausted in 1928. From them were drawn the bricks for part of Glasgow Corporation’s housing estate at Knightswood. Whitewashed low roofed houses occupied by workers in the brickfields while modern buildings were raised around them struck a note of incongruity for a year or two. But there was something even odder – a truck barrier erected by the earlier mining company to keep out any enterprising trader hawking his goods, because that Company had a provision store of its own, and dwellers in the rows were expected to make all their purchases at the store. The Coltness Company wanted to remove that barrier but under its lease, it was not allowed.

When Jordanhill Brickworks were closed the machinery was transferred to the old colliery at Giffnock, on the other side of Glasgow. Giffnock Brickworks remained until 1942 when the lease ran out. The plant was then dismantled.

01/04/1932 – On Thursday evening of last week a deputation from the foremen employed at Coltness Ironworks, Newmains met Mr A.G. Telfer at Whitestripe House and presented him with a writing bureau on the occasion of his approaching marriage … also … Midway in the programme Mr A. M. Ritchie, on behalf of the officials, staff and workers of the Coltness Iron Company’s Newmains and Glasgow offices, the employees of the sanitary fireclay works, Royal George washer, briquette works and Hallcraig and Giffnock Brickworks and slag crusher, presented Mr Telfer with a valuable canteen of cutlery and fittingly expressed the good wishes of the subscribers for the future health and happiness of Mr Teller and his bride to be …

30/03/1934 – Wishaw Press – Coltness Iron Company year-end report 31/12/1933 … Hallcraig and Giffnock Brickworks have been on full production throughout the year. Additional kilns have been erected at Giffnock. Newmains Brickwork, producing sanitary fireclay goods has only been partly employed.

18/12/1939 – Daily Record – Reference to the employees of the Giffnock Brickworks, Thornliebank donating money to the ‘Jocks Box Fund’.

14/05/1940 – Daily Record – Reference to the Coltness Iron Co’s Giffnock Brickworks donating money to the ‘Jocks Box Fund’.

Below – 1942 – NMRS – Giffnock Brickworks close after lease runs out.

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