Glamis Brick and Tile Works, Glamis, Angus

Glamis Brick and Tile Works, Glamis, Angus.

Below – 11/09/1857 – Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser – Drain tiles are for sale at Glammiss Tileworks at Haughs of Cossins. Apply to Robert Spence at the works. Glammiss 09/09/1857.

02/12/1859 – Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser – The tilework at Glamiss is to be let on lease with immediate entry. The works will be put into complete repair and the most improved machinery supplied. Applications may be made to Mr Proctor, Glamiss who will show to intending offerers the terms and conditions of let and will receive offers up to the 8th of December. Glamiss Castle. 18t/11/1859.

22/03/1860 – Stirling Observer – Wanted – For a tilework in Strathmore (Glamis?) – Two men well acquainted with making draining pipes; an experienced tile and brick burner; and a brick moulder who understands the burning of bricks. Apply to Mr Johnston, a builder in Glamis 20/03/1860.

Below – 1861 – Glamis Tileworks.

22/02/1862 – Dundee Courier – For sale at Glamis Tilework – a second hand condensing steam engine, 21-inch cylinder and 2 feet stroke with a boiler. For particulars apply to Mr Ralston at Glamis, Factor upon the Strathmore Estates. Glamis Castle 17/02/1862

25/10/1862 – Dundee Advertiser – Glamis – Damages for desertion of service – At the Forfar Sheriff small debt court on Thursday, Jas Johnston, brick and tile maker, Glamis brought an action against Alexander Wilson, Labourer, Kirriemuir, to recover £5 5s as damages alleged to have been sustained by the pursuer in consequence of the defender having broken his engagement; but after 2 witnesses had been examined in regard to that point, the defender agreed to decree passing for £1 in name of damages and expenses. The pursuer stated that he merely brought the case as an example. He had been much annoyed and put to loss and inconvenience by some of his workers having left him at the harvest time after agreeing to stay in his employment during the season.

Below – 08/10/1869 – Northern Warder – Capture of swindler – defrauding brickworks including Glamis and Carcary.

1878 – James Johnston, stonemason, brick and tile maker, Glamis, Forfarshire.

22/03/1878 – Dundee Courier – Wanted immediately, common brick and tile burner. Apply to Robert Maxwell, Glamis Tilework, Glamis, Forfar.

29/03/1883 – Dundee Advertiser – Drain pipes. The subscriber has in stock 1 1/2″ pipe and collar; 2 1/2, 5, 6 and 8-inch pipes, brick, roof tile &c. James Johnston, brick and tile Works, Glamis.

29/04/1887  – Ayr Observer – Ayrshire Agricultural Show … St Bernard puppies under 12 months  … highly commended … Robert Maxwell, Glamis Tileworks, Glamis …

30/07/1890 – Dundee Advertiser – Highlands and Agricultural Society’s Show – Stand 105 – George Guild & Son, Drumkilbo Brick and Tileworks, Meigle and brick and tile works, Glamis. All sizes of drain tiles and bricks manufactured at the works; also spigot and faucet drainpipes specially made by patent machinery.

1896 – George Guild & Sons, Glamis, Forfarshire. George Guild, Eassie, Glamis.

Below – Sept 1899 – The British Clay Worker – Death of William Gilmour.

Below – 1900 – Glamis Brick and Tile Works.

1901 – Directory of clay workers – D. T. Guild, brick and tile works, Glamis.

25/11/1901 – Dundee Courier – Forfarshire Farmers Enterprise – Series of improvements. On Saturday Mr James Guild, the genial tenant of Haughs of Cossans, Glamis on the Strathmore Estate, extended an invitation to a number of farmers and others in the district with the primary object of witnessing the starting of a new and improved threshing mill which has just been fitted up at his farm … At the close of proceedings, the party were entertained by Mr and Mrs Guild, the former being congratulated on his enterprise and the hope expressed that success would attend his farming work. Mr Guild is well known in the district and besides attending to his agricultural affairs carries on extensive brick and tile works at Glamis and Drumkilbo, Meigle.

05/12/1901 – Southern Reporter – On Thursday a child named Cecelia Buchan, (3), a farm servants daughter strayed from her home at Glamis Tile Works. On Friday morning she was got on the railway line unconscious. She was admitted to Forfar Infirmary suffering from a fracture to the skull and a terrible scalp wound, the result, it is believed of being knocked down by a passing train.

04/06/1912 – Dundee Courier – Forfarshire – Strathmore Estates. To let as a going concern with entry immediately or at Martinmas first, as may be arranged, the brick and tile works presently occupied by Messrs George Guild & Son. The works contain the necessary machinery for making bricks and tiles and are situated in a district where a ready market can be obtained for these commodities. The Works are distant about 2 miles from Glamis Station, and 3 miles from Forfar and Kirriemuir. There is a railway siding for the convenience of the Works within 1/2 a mile. For particulars apply to Gavin Ralston, Factor, Glamis, who will receive them. Glamis 03/06/1912.

21/06/1912 – Dundee Courier – A farmer and brick and tile manufacturer named James Guild, Haughs of Cossens, Glamis and whose estates were sequestrated recently was examined in bankruptcy in Forfar Sheriff Court yesterday before Sheriff Lee. The bankrupt in answer to Mr J.S Gordon, solicitor, Forfar, agent for Mr D.M Graham, the trustee deponed that he was the sole partner of George Guild & Son brick and tile manufacturers, Haughs of Cossens, Glamis. He was also the tenant of the farm of Haughs of Cossens. The business was originally carried on by his late father and himself and had been established for over 34 years. The business during recent years had been very bad owing to a slackness in the building trade. His receipts for tiles alone having gone down £800 or £900. Six years ago he lost £1200 including 8 valuable horses and 15 cattle and bad debts of £500 or £600. He had been borrowing money at a high rate of interest to enable him to meet his obligations. He had made a true surrender of his whole estate to his trustee. The state of affairs showed:- assets, £1847 5s 8d less £1202 4s 10d of preferable claims = £645 0s 10d and liabilities £3524 2s 8d, a deficiency of £2879 1s 10d. The statutory oath was administered.

Below – 12/11/1912 – Dundee Courier – Glamis Tilework for sale. Sequestrated Estate of George Guild & Son.

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