W.A. Gray & Sons, brick and tile manufacturers, Musselburgh and Portobello, Edinburgh

1857 – The Midlothian Stoneware Potteries at  Portobello and Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, were established about 1857 by Mr W. A. Gray, for the manufacture of general stoneware goods, but they had, I am informed by him, been in existence as earthenware works for upwards of a century before that time.  They are now carried on under the style of ” W. A. Gray & Sons.” The goods produced are all kinds of stoneware and the more ordinary descriptions of earthenware. In the first are all the usual descriptions of spirit jars and bottles, spirit barrels, bowls and pans, jugs and pitchers, butter, beef, and jampots, bottles, feet and carriage warmers, &c.; and in earthenware many useful articles. They are principally supplied to the home market.

1870 – 1871 – W.A Gray – Midlothian Pottery, Yool’s Place, Portobello. P 50 and Pipe Street, Portobello. P 62 and Newbigging Musselburgh. P 116

1886 – W.A. Gray & Sons, brick and tile manufacturers, Brickworks, West Vennel, Musselburgh.

1903 – W.A. Gray & Sons, brick and tile manufacturers, Inveresk Road, Musselburgh and at Portobello.

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