Mountainblue Pottery and Brickwork, Camlachie, Glasgow

1840 – 1841 – William Lyon, brick and tile works, Mountainblue, Glasgow.

1841 – 1842 – William Lyon Sen, Yet Street, Camlachie Brick and Tile Works, Mountainblue, Glasgow.

1849 – 1850 – Lyon, Lawson and Co, millwrights, engineers and brick and tile makers, Mountainbleau, Camlachie.

1852 – Lyon, Lawson and Co, brick and tile makers, Mount Blue, Camlachie.

24/05/1862 – Renfrewshire Independent – A report on the engine house at the premises of Messrs J and W Lyon, brick and tile manufacturers, Mountainblue, Camlachie being entered by thieves and 45 feet of gutta-percha belting and a large quantity of joiners tools being stolen. 3 men were apprehended including Thomas Blackly who had previously been employed at the brickworks, McLachlan aka ‘The Rat’ and Graham.

1873 – 1874 – Lyon and Co, brick, tile and pottery manufacturer, Mount Blue Works, Camlachie, Parkhead. House Mountblue.

02/10/1876 – Glasgow Herald – To let, building of 2 flats about 60 x 20 situated within a 5 min walk of 2 railway stations between Great Eastern and London Roads with or without steam power. Apply Wm Lyon, Mountainblue Brickworks.

Below – 04/05/1877 – Glasgow Herald – The pottery and brickwork belonging to William Lyon and situated at Mountainblue, Camlachie is for sale.

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