Allanton Brick, Tile, Fireclay, Pottery and Terracotta Works, Newmains, North Lanarkshire


12/01/1855 – Glasgow Herald – Royal Patriotic Fund, Lanarkshire – Contributors – Allanton Brick and Tile Work.

Below – 1859 – Allanton Brick and Tile Works.

24/09/1861 – Edinburgh Gazette – Sequestration of James Steel, Builder in Cambuanethan, near Wishaw. William Thomson, Accountant, Wishaw, has been elected Trustee on the estate; and Thomas Dean, Brick Manufacturer, Wishaw, Gavin Pettigrew, Allanton Brick and Tile Works, near Wishaw, and James B. Honeyman, Blacksmith, Wishaw, have been elected Commissioners. The examination of the Bankrupt will take place -within the Sheriff-Court-house at Hamilton, upon Tuesday the 1st day of October, at 12 o’clock noon. The Creditors will meet in the Office of William Brown, Writer, Beckford Street, Hamilton, on Thursday the 10th day of October 1861, at two o’clock afternoon.  (Note – SBH – I have included this reference here at its suggests that Gavin Pettigrew was involved with the Allanton Brick, Tile, Fireclay, Pottery and Terracotta Works. He was also involved with the Morningside Fireclay Works, Newmains).

23/04/1864 – Hamilton Advertiser – On Friday last a man named George Scott, a labourer employed by Mr Gavin Pettigrew, met with a serious accident at the brick and tile work, in the immediate vicinity of the terminus of the and Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Company. The clay used is conveyed in a waggon to the grinding mill, drawn by a rope attached to the engine up an inclined plane, and Scott was in the act of stepping over this rope when his leg became entangled and was he dragged forward against the guiding guards of the rope. The engine was immediately stopped, and the poor man extricated. Opportunely, Dr James Livingstone was the neighbourhood and Dr Buchanan having been sent for from Newmains, the medical gentlemen examined the man and found that, besides several bruises on his limbs, one of his legs was broken in two places. So severe were the injuries and shock on his nervous system, that he gradually sank, and expired on the Sabbath evening. Deceased has left a and little family. He was a steady, active, and industrious man, and was much respected by his employer and fellow workmen.

Below – 06/08/1881 – Peebleshire Advertiser – Sales of horticultural and rustic ware at Peebles. Manufactured by Loudon and Russell at Allanton Fireclay Works, Newmains. (Note – SBH – George Loudon and James Russell)

Below – 1882  – Advert -Loudon & Russell, Allanton Works, Newmains

1882 Loudon & Russell Allanton newmains

14/09/1882 – Glasgow Herald – International fruit and flower show at Edinburgh … Some very fine stands with horticultural implements, fireclay ware for fern cases, flower stands etc are on exhibition, and among these, one of the most beautiful collections was that of Loudon and Russell, of the Allanton Pottery, Lanarkshire …

Below – 1886 – Allanton Brick, Tile, Fireclay, Pottery and Terracotta Works.

1889 – Loudon & Russell. Allanton Brick, Tile & Fire Clay, Pottery & Terracotta Works. Newmains.

1893 – I believe Russell is Robert Russell, mineral manager, Whitestripe, Newmains.

1893 – George S Loudon, brick and tile maker, Newmains.

Below – 1893  – Loudon and Russell advert.

1893 Loudon and Russell advert

Below – 1896 – Allanton Brick and Tile Works.

1896 – Loudon & Russell. Allanton Brick, Tile & Fire Clay, Pottery & Terracotta Works. Newmains R.S.O. Lanarkshire & Hermand brick & tile works, West Calder.

Below – 1896 – Advert  Loudon & Russell, Allanton Works, Newmains.


1903 – Loudon & Russell. Allanton Brick, Tile & Fire Clay, Pottery & Terracotta Works. Newmains R.S.O. Lanarkshire & Hermand brick & tile works, West Calder.

Below – 1903 –  Loudon and Russell advert.

Loudon & Russell advert

1909 – 1910 – Loudon & Russell, Allanton Brickworks, Newmains NB.

Below- 1910 – Allanton Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 1911–  Loudon and Russell advert.

1911 advert loudon and russell

07/12/1920 – Edinburgh Evening News – Can and trap maker, also pipe maker wanted. House available. Apply Allanton Fireclay Works, Newmains.

11/03/1932 – Edinburgh Evening News – Veteran Scots Manufacturer –  The death took place yesterday of Mr James Russell, Sedan, Newmains near Wishaw at the age of 90. First a clerk with the Coltness Iron Company Ltd, Mr Russell afterwards became a partner in the firm of Loudon  & Russell Fire Clay Manufacturers, Morningside. He was 1 of 12 local businessmen who founded Pather Iron & Steel Company Limited, Wishaw. In 1889 he was appointed as secretary and treasurer of the company and only retired from active service a few years ago, although he still retained an interest in the firm as a director.

15/06/1943 – The Scotsman – Wills and Estates – John Loudon, Fire Clay Manufacturer, some time of Craigenvar, Newmains and late of Dunara, 185 Bonkle Road, Newmains – £23, 879.00.

Below – 1944 – 1967 – Allanton Brick and Tile Works.

1964 – Hepworth Iron Company (HIC) – A subsidiary company – The Lochside Coal and Fireclay Company Ltd. -has acquired the whole of the issued shared capital of Loudon and Russell Ltd. of Newmains, Wishaw, Lanarkshire and also the fixed assets of the Cumbernauld Pipeworks from the Glenboig Union Fireclay Company Ltd.

Below – Loudon and Russell trademark.

Loudon and Russell Trademark

Below – The Scottish Industrial Archaeology Survey published a report in 1985 entitles ” A survey of Scottish brickmarks. During the compilation of this report in which the survey officers visited working and derelict brickworks sites, many items of interest were donated or found. Many of these items were thereafter donated to the National Museum Scotland. The item below is one of these items. It is a seger cone which was found at the “Loudon and Russell Pipeworks, Newmains” (Note – SBH – This may relate to the Allanton or the Morningside Works).

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