National Salt Glazed Pipe Manufacturers Association

Below – 13/07/1962 – Leicester Chronicle – National Salt Glazed Pipe Manufacturers Association.

08/02/1963 – Wishaw Press – Ravenscraig keeps kilns busy. The new strip mill at Ravenscraig has been a blow against unemployment in Scotland – and not only among the ranks of the steelworkers. Two Scottish members of the National Salt Glazed Pipe Manufacturers Association have supplied many tons of fireclay pipes and fittings to the scheme. The pipes from four inches diameter upwards have been used in main and ancillary drainage networks. For the past five years Messrs Loudon and Russell Ltd of Morningside and the Heathfield and Cardowan Fireclay Co Limited, the two members, have been supplying fireclay pipe to the Ravenscraig Works. This has ensured full and continuous employment in both firms. Says Mr George Loudon, managing director of Loudon and Russell “During this time we have not only avoided laying off our people, but we have also taken on extra labour, and kept it”

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