Blackwood Brick and Tile Works, Kirkmuirhill, Lesmahagow, South Lanarkshire


Below – 1858 – Possible site of the Blackwood Tileworks.

1865 – John and James Baird, Tileworks in the Parish of Lesmahagow. Rateable value £100.

1866 – John and James Baird, Brickworks in the Parish of Lesmahagow. Rateable value £100.

1867 – Brick and Tile Works not working.

1870 – John and James Baird (owner), Brick and Tile Works in the Parish of Lesmahagow. Rateable value £100.

1878 –  James Baird, Blackwood Brick and Tile Works, Lesmahagow.

Below – 1886 – James and John Baird, Brick and Tile Works, Blackwood, Lesmahagow.

21/12/1889 – Hamilton Advertiser. Marriage. At Blackwood Tileworks, Kirkmuirhill on 13th inst by the Rev Thomas Wilson, M.A, Robert McCaskie, Starbarns to Susan, second daughter of James Chalmers, tile burner.

30/05/1892 – Paisley Daily Express – Interesting decision as to market prices. Sheriff Cowan has given his decision in an action raised by James Baird, Blackwood Brick and Tile Works, Lesmahagow against Peter Brown, brick and tile manufacturer, Paisley in which the question of market prices raised. The defender contracted to take the total output of drain pipes and tiles from the pursuers’ works and the contract provided that should any advance take place in the price of drain pipes or tiles the pursuer should participate in the same proportionately. The pursuer averred that a general advance took place on 1st May 1890 and claimed the whole of the advance, while the defender denied such and pleaded that the action was irrelevant in respect that the pursuer was only to participate in any advance proportionately. Sheriff Cowan upheld the defender’s plea and dismissed the case as irrelevant with expenses in respect that the market prices at the date the agreement must be averred in order to find out any proportion due. The pursuer appealed to the Sheriff-Principal who dismissed the appeal with additional expenses to the defender. The pursuer thereupon raised another case averring market prices and claiming the sum of £425 14s 11d as the proportion due under the contract. Sheriff Cowan has issued his judgment in which he assoilzies the defender from the conclusions of the libel and finds him entitled to expenses.

21/07/1893 – Hamilton Herald – Dunduff Railway – An application by Messrs James and John B Baird, Blackwood Brickworks, for leave to make a siding to the railway presently being constructed between Blackwood Station and Dunduff Quarry for the convenience of their tileworks was read, but as it would infringe the bond with the railway company, it was refused.

06/12/1895 – Glasgow Herald – Brick and tile work for sale. The trustee of the late Mr James Baird is prepared to receive offers for the brick and tile work at Blackwood, Lesmahagow tenanted by the deceased. The clay is of good quality and the good hitherto commanded a ready market. The line of the proposed Ayrshire and Douglas Railway is in close proximity to the work. There is a large supply of tiles on hand for which prices can be quoted. Apply to Morrison and Smith, Writers, Lanark. Lanark 06/12/1895.

1896 – The tileworks depicted on the 1858 map above and the brick and tile works on the 1909 map below are not detailed on the 1896 map. So where were the works in 1896? – perhaps they were building the new works at this time.

05/02/1896 – Glasgow Herald – The brick and tile work at Blackwood, Lesmahagow which belonged to the late Mr James Baird if for sale by private bargain and offers, therefore, will be received by Morrison and Smith, Writers, Lanark up to 11th February 1896.

1903 – John Howie and Co, brick and tile maker, Kirkmuirhill, Lanarkshire. (Note – SBH – I assume this reference refers to the Blackwood Brick and Tile Works but I may well be wrong in that assumption. Recorded here meantime).

Below – 1909 – Blackwood Brick and Tile Works.

1912 – 1913 – McCrae, Blackwood Brick and Tile Works, Kirkmuirhill, Lesmahagow.

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