Scottish brickmakers and adverts 1861

Adverts taken from the 1861 printed Slaters Directory for Scotland

James Waldie

William Brodie, Seafield, Dunbar.

Robert Bridges, Engineer North Berwick who made the brick and tile machines designed by the Marquis of Tweeddale

The Garnkirk Coal Co and Fire Clay Works

Hurll Young and Co

Ferguson Miller & Co

A & T Bow

Allan & Mann

Perceton Fire Clay Works

Hurlford Fire Clay Works

1861 advert James Waldie, Leith Edinburhg

1861 advert william brodie seafield brickworks dunbar

1861 advert Robert Bridges Engineer, North Berwick Marquis of Tweeddale

1861 advert Garnkirk Coal Company and brickworks Glasgow

1861 advert Hurll and Young Cardowan Garnkirk

1861 Advert Ferguson and Miller Heathfield Glasgow

1861 Advert A & T Bow Shields Brickworks Glasgow

1861 Advert Allan & Mann Glasgow

1861 Perceton Fire Clay Works near Kilmarnock

1861 Advert Hurlford Fireclay Works, Kilmarnock

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