Carr and Urwin, manufacturers, Glasgow

Carr and Urwin, manufacturers, Glasgow – (Note – SBH – I have created this page as the 1880 advert below suggests that Car and Urwin manufactured brick making machines in the Glasgow area however I can find no other evidence to suggest this and all references to this company are from the Newcastle, England area. Does anyone know of further references to Carr and Urwin working out of Glasgow?).

Below – 19/07/1880 – Shields Daily Gazette – Refers to Carr and Urwin, Glasgow manufacturing machinery including a brick making machine which was part of the sale of A & P Marshall, brickworks Westoe Lane, South Shields.

Below – 1883 – Trade Directory Carr and Urwin, engineers.

Below – 25/08/1886 – The partnership of William Ridley Carr and John Urwin, carrying on business as engineers at Low Benwell in the County of Northumberland under the style or firm of Carr and Urwin has been dissolved by mutual consent … all debts etc will be paid by John Urwin who will continue the business  as … Benwell Engineering Works ..

Below – 09/12/1886 – Newcastle Evening Chronicle –

Below – An Urwin brick as found by Chris Tilney. William Ridley Carr was at the one-time, owner of Carrs Brickworks, Scotswood.

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