Whaling Station, Bunavoneader, Harris, Western Isles

Canmore – Whaling Station, 1904 Gaunt remains of a long-defunct industry, with a lone, tapering red brick chimney rising from the foundations of the boiling house/desiccator. Little else but the carcass ramp survives. Founded by a Norwegian, Karl Herlofsen, the factory was acquired by Lever Bros in 1922 when the market was declining but was abandoned by them in 1929, a financial failure. Leverhulme never pursued his bizarre notion of turning whale meat into tinned sausages for Africans. The whaling station finally closed in 1951.

Below – This ‘ 6 Hoganas HSB’ brick was found at the whaling station. It is a fire brick and was manufactured in Sweden. Photograph courtesy of Moses Jenkins.

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