Huntershill Quarry and Brickworks, Bishopbriggs, East Dumbartonshire

(Note – SBH – See the 1896 and 1914 maps below. The Bishopbriggs/Huntershill Brickworks move location during this time.  The references below to Thomas Gibb having worked at Huntershill and Bishopbriggs suggest 2 different sites but basically, they are almost identical locations on the maps. I am uncertain as to the situation)

Bishopbriggs Brick Coy Limited, Crowhill, Bishopbriggs appear to have also occupied the same site.

1890 – 1891 – William Paterson, quarry master and brickmaker, Huntershill Quarry, Bishopbriggs. Res Oakenshaw House, Hamilton.

Below – 1896 – Bishopbriggs or Huntershill Brickworks.

1896 – 1897 – W. Paterson, brickmakers, Hunterhills Quarry, Bishopbriggs.

1899 – 1900 – Bishopbriggs Brick Company Limited, brick manufacturers, 65 West Regent Street. Works Bishopbriggs.

24/06/1899 – Dundee Courier – Thomas Gibb & Sons, quarry masters and brickmakers, Auchenlee, Bishopbriggs. Capital £50,000 in 7000 preference and 5000 ordinary shares of £5 each. First subscribers – Richard Gibb, Quarry and brickmaker; Walter Gibb, Quarry and brickmaker; George Neilson, Clerk, Bishopbriggs, CM Gibb, Quarry Master, Cleland; John Jack Quarry Master; Mrs Agnes Gibb, Bishopbriggs; AO Walker, Writer; James Mason, Cashier, Glasgow.

Below – 30/06/1899 – Financials of Thomas Gibb and Sons Limited. The company has been incorporated with an authorised share capital of £60,000. It has been formed to acquire as from 01/01/1899 and to further develop and extend the business of Thomas Gibb and Sons, quarry masters and brick makers at Auchinlee, Cleland and Huntershill and Crowhill, Bishopbriggs together with plant, machinery and leases now belonging to them.

Below – 05/07/1899 – The Scotsman – Thomas Gibb and Sons Limited.

07/02/1901 – Kirkintilloch Gazette – The Bishopbriggs Brick Company submitted plans to the council to build a bridge over Crowhill Road a few yards south of Muirpark Terrace for the purpose of conveyance to the works of material for brick making purposes. Bridge to be 14 feet high and 19 feet from abutment to abutment. This was passed after an amendment and to increase the width from abutment to abutment to 22 feet.

07/12/1901 – Kirkintilloch Gazette – The Bishopbriggs Brickworks were on Wednesday in Glasgow sold for £1110, the upset price being £1000.

Below – 19/02/1904 – Dundee Courier – Financials for Thomas Gibb & Sons, Bishopbriggs and Auchinlee Quarries and Brickworks.

1906 – Invoices x 2 – Thomas Gibb and Sons Limited, Auchinle Quarry and Brickworks, Cleland and Huntershill Quarry and Brickworks, Bishopbriggs. Head Office, Huntershill Quarry and Brickworks, Bishopbriggs. Telegrams ‘Bricks Bishopbriggs’

1907 – Bishopbriggs Brick Company Limited, St Mungo Street, Bishopbriggs and 65 Renfield Street.

1907 – Thomas Gibb and Sons Ltd, brickmakers, Huntershill, Bishopbriggs.

17/05/1911 – The Scotsman – Sale of quarry and brickwork plant at Hunterhill Quarries and Brickworks, Bishopbriggs, on an early day. Shirlaw Allan and Co have received instructions from Messrs Thomas Gibb and Sons Ltd, owing to the termination of the lease to expose for sale by auction, the whole plant, as above. Hamilton. May 1911.

Below – 12/06/1911 – The Scotsman – Huntershill Quarry and Brickworks for sale.

Below – 28/03/1913  and next page– Edinburgh Gazette – Bishopbriggs Brick Company Limited dissolved 21/03/1913. James Stevenson, Chairman.

Below – 1914 – Bishopbriggs or Huntershill Brickworks. The works are not marked on the 1935 map. (Note  – SBH – The brickworks have moved since 1896)

20/10/1937 – Kirkintilloch Herald – Obituary. The funeral took place on Thursday of Mr William Maxwell, who died at 1328 Springburn Road, Glasgow on 11th October … many years ago he was the manager of the Bishopbriggs Brickworks at Crowhill but giving up the brick trade he followed his trade as pattern maker up to his retirement a number of years ago … he was in his 73rd year …

23/04/1943 – Kirkintilloch Herald – Obituary – The death took place on Sunday, after a long illness, at his residence, Craigreid, Bishopbriggs of Mr Edward Miller. Well known in business circles, he was the proprietor of the Knapper Sand Quarry, Clydebank where the druid’s temple was discovered some time ago. He was a pioneer of the brick industry in Bishopbriggs district being a member of the firm that formed the Bishopbriggs Brick Coy Limited, Crowhill, Bishopbriggs over 40 years ago … Mr Miller was in his 76th year.


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