Millcroft Brickworks, Govan, Glasgow

1875 – William Stevenson, brickmaker, Milncroft (Millcroft), Rutherglen Road, Glasgow.

24/09/1880 08/08/1881 – (Note – SBH – I have numerous Stevenson Brothers invoices from their Polmadie and Millcroft Brickworks, both situated in Rutherglen Road. They cover various dates from 24/09/1880 to  09/02/1897. All the invoices are detailed Stevenson Brothers but those invoices dated between 24/09/1880 and 08/08/1881 have had the ‘Brothers scored out and ‘& Sons’ written in pen instead and also the initials ‘W & T’ have been written in prior to ‘Stevenson’. (William and Thomas?). I have an invoice dated 03/09/1883 and it is back to using the ‘Stevenson Brothers’ as the manufacturers as do the 20 invoices I have beyond that date. So W& T Stevenson & Sons were operating prior to 24/09/1880 and prior to 03/09/1881 but why were the invoices between these dates originally printed Stevenson Brothers and then had to be amended!?)

21/02/1884 – Glasgow Herald – Pump, 5″ plunger also 40 feet connecting rods, driving pulley and crank – Stevenson, Millcroft Brickworks, Rutherglen Road.

1886 – William Stevenson, brickmaker, Eastfield, Rutherglen Road, Glasgow. ( Note – SBH – I believe Eastfield, Rutherglen Road is in the vicinity of Millcroft Brickworks).

Below – 1893 –  Millcroft Brickworks, Govan, Glasgow.

Below – 1893 – Millcroft Brickworks.

1896 – 1897 – Stevenson Bros, Millcroft and Polmadie Brickfields, Rutherglen Road, Glasgow. Residence Polmadie House.

March 1903 – Invoice – Stevenson Brothers, brickmakers, Millcroft and Polmadie Brickworks, Glasgow.

Below – 1910 – Millcroft Brickworks, Govan, Glasgow.

1911 – 1912 – Stevenson Bros, brickmakers, Millcroft and Polmadie Brickfields, Rutherglen Rd also Garscadden Brick and Tile Works, Drumchapel.

1912- 1913 – Stevenson Bros, brickmakers, Rutherglen Road, Glasgow.

1912  – 1913 – Stevenson and Son, brickmakers, Shawfield, Rutherglen.

26/10/1918 – Hamilton Advertiser – At Millcroft Brickworks off Rutherglen Road, Polmadie, Glasgow, on Thursday 31st October at 12 o’clock. A public sale of brickmaking machinery, plant erections, stock of new and used bricks and office furniture, the property of Messrs Stevenson Bros and to be sold per instructions of Charles Taylor C.A, Trustee …

1935 – These Brickworks no longer exist

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