Millisle Tileworks, Sorbie, Wigtownshire

1845 – 1849 – 3/4 mile North West by West of Garliestown. A small irregular portion of land upon the farm of Millisle, with clay tempering machine, tile kiln & drying sheds. (Believed to be owned by the Earl of Galloway)

Below – 1848  – 1849 – Millisle Tileworks. A quarry is shown about 100 yards to the south-east but no clay pit is apparent on the map sheet

Below – 14/12/1858 – Headed notepaper – Carty, Baldoon and Millisle Tile and Brickworks.  – Robert Picken.

Below – 1894 – Millisle Tile Works –  Shows the site has expanded to the south-east with a slope in that corner possibly indicating that the clay was being worked near-surface into the adjacent
field. Millisle Station was located about a mile from the works; the map shows no tramway seems to have been built.

By 1906 the works are marked as disused.

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