Gowan Bank Brick and Tile Works, Grahams Road, Grahamston, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

Gowan Bank Brick and Tile Works, Grahams Road, Grahamston, Falkirk.

Established prior to 1860 –  Disused by 1860. The Works appear to have had a relationship with the Alexander Collins Brick and Tile Works. Indeed from the dates, they may have had the same owner. In 1860 the site contained 1 drying shed, 1 kiln, 1 clay pit, 1 old clay pit. Source – Falkirk Museum and Archives.

1842 – Kenneth W Sanderson states the works were started prior to 1842 and managed by Alexander Cairns. He was married to Margaret Donald of the Bonnymuir Brickworks Bonnybridge.

22/02/1849 – Fife Herald – Drain tiles. The subscriber has on hand two or three cargoes of drain tiles of the best quality. James Potter. Grahamstone, Falkirk. 21st Feb 1849.

1852 – Alexander Cairns, Gowan Bank Brick and Tile Works, Falkirk.

21/02/1852 – The Scotsman – Feu duties and fields in the neighbourhood of Falkirk for sale.

There will be exposed to sale by public roup, within Stevenson’s Salesrooms, George, Street, Edinburgh on Wednesday 17th day of March next, at 2 o’clock and in such lots as may be fixed on previous to the sale.

The following feu-duties at Grahamston and Bainsford and fields in the neighbourhood of Falkirk

  1. Feu – duties amounting to £28 12s 6 1/2d per annum payable by 13 vassals and secured over houses and ground on the west side of the village of Grahamston, containing nearly 2 acres imperial measure as laid down on a plan made out by Alexander Black, land surveyor, Falkirk. Upset price £600.
  2. That field immediately adjoining the feus above mentioned on the west containing upwards of 4 acres imperial measure or thereby exclusive of the building erected thereon, which belong to the tenant, known as Gowan Bank Brick and Tile Work, with access from the road leading from Falkirk to Carron. Upset price £380.

14/05/1852 – Edinburgh Gazette – Grahamstone, by Falkirk, May 7, 1852. The Business carried on at Gowan Bank Brick and Tile Works, near Falkirk, whereof the Subscribers were the sole Partners, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. Alexander Cairns. Jas Potter.
With reference to the above, the Works will be carried on as formerly by the Subscriber, Jas Potter.

21/12/1854 – Falkirk Herald – To sell or let. Gowan Bank brick and tile works in capital working order. There is an abundance of clay with shed, kilns etc. Apply to James Potter, Grahamston 14/12/1854.

1858 – 1861 – ScotlandsPlaces – This name is applied to a brick & tile work situated off Grahamston, but which is now disused, the drying sheds and kilns are in a dilapidated state and are not likely to be again restored. Mr. James Potter, proprietor and occupier

26/02/1859 – Alloa Advertiser – Wanted – An experienced steady man to fill, burn and empty brick and tile kilns by the saleable thousand. Apply to Mr Potter, Grahamston, Falkirk.

Below – 1859 – Gowanbank Brick and Tile Works, Grahamston, Falkirk (disused).

Below – 1860 – Gowanbank Brick and Tile Works, Grahamston, Falkirk (disused).

Below - 1860 OS Map - Gowanbank Brick and Tile Works, Grahamston, Falkirk

1864 – By this time the site was an Iron Foundry.

27/09/1878 – Edinburgh Gazette – A petition having been presented to the Sheriff of Lanarkshire, at the instance of James Potter & Company, Timber Merchants, Brick and Tile Makers,
Grahamston, Falkirk, for Sequestration of the Estates of Croall and MacIntyre, Property and Mortgage Brokers, 184 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, and James Croall and Lauchlan Maclntyre, both Property and Mortgage Brokers there, as Partners of said Firm, and as Individuals, Mr Sheriff-Substitute Spens granted Warrant for citing the said Croall & Maclntyre, and James Croall and Lauchlan Maclntyre, to appear in Court on an inductee of ten days from the date of citation, to show cause why Sequestration of their Estates should not be awarded; and directed Intimation of the Warrant, and of the Diet of Appearance on the said inductee, to be forthwith made in the Edinburgh Gazette.—Of all which Intimation is hereby given. Simpson, Kirk, and Donaldson, Writers, Glasgow, Agents. Glasgow, 26th September 1878.

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