Fire Brickworks, Bainsford, near Carron, Falkirk, Stirlingshire

11/05/1932 – Glasgow Herald – Steam Mills – Fire and Common brick manufactory near Falkirk to be let. To be let for such a number of years as may be agreed on with entry immediately.

Castle Laurie Mills – These mills lie on the banks of the Great Canal at Bainsford, 2 miles from Grangemouth and 1 mile from Falkirk and 1/2 mile from Carron Works. They are fitted up for the manufacture of wheat, oats, barley and pease and are propelled by a steam engine of great power, are nearly new and in excellent order.

Adjoining the mills there is a fire brick manufactory, recently erected on the most approved principles. The fireclay which is readily obtained from the coal works in the neighbourhood is ground down by power from the steam engine and the bricks are admitted by all who have seen them to be of the first-rate quality. If wished, arrangements could be made for the manufacture of common brick and tiles in an adjoining field belonging to the same proprietor in which there is an abundance of eater and clay of the best description, cheap coal and water carriage being also close at hand.

The mills and brick manufactory may be let separately and every encouragement will be given to a respectable tenant.

Further particulars will be learned on application to Mr William Leechman, Melville Place, Glasgow or to Mr Alexander Ramsay jun or Russell and Aitken Falkirk


These could be one of 3 brickworks. Below are the possibilities in order of personal preference. See the map.

  1. ‘Fire Clay Works’
  2. Callendar Brick and Tile Works.
  3. Gowan Bank Brickworks.

Below – 1861 – Bainsford, near Carron.

Bainsford, Falkirk.

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