Keppochhill Brickworks, Keppochhill Road, Glasgow

At this time I believe that Keppochhill Brickworks was later renamed Fountainwell Brickworks. This is assumed from the OS maps I have been able to view. I have not seen a map detailing Keppochhill Brickworks but as the Fountainwell Brickworks were situated on Keppochhill Road then I believe they could be one of the same. Any evidence to the contrary will be gratefully received.

1858 – No reference to brickworks at Fountainwell/Keppochhill Road.

1871 – 1872 – McMekin & Dunlop, brickmakers, Keppoch Hill. House, Well Rd. Keppoch Hill.

1872 – 1873 – McMekin & Dunlop, brickmakers, Keppoch Hill. House, Well Rd. Keppoch Hill.

1873 – 1874 – James Dunlop, Brickmaker and contractor, Keppochhill Brickworks. Ho 379 Keppochhill Road.

1873 – 1874 – McMeekin & Dunlop, brickmakers and contractors, Keppochhill Rd.

1874 – 1875 – James Dunlop, brickmaker and contractor, Keppochhill Brickworks. Ho. 379 Keppochhill Rd and McMeekin & Dunlop, brickmakers and contractors, Keppochhill Rd

Below – 13/08/1877 – Glasgow Herald – For sale privately at Keppochill Brickworks, Keppochill Road a horizontal Steam engine … Also a quantity of bricks, sold in consequence of the ground having been acquired for building. Apply to James Dunlop at the brickworks.

1877 – 1878 – McMeekin & Dunlop, brickmakers and contractors, Keppochhill Rd.

28/02/1879 – Glasgow Herald – Going Brickwork for sale. The brickmaking machinery, plant and lease of clayfield on the lands of Craighall, Port Dundas as lately worked by the deceased James Dunlop; 20hp engine and boiler, new pan mill and rollers, drying stove etc – Apply at 171 Craighall Road near the Work …

1879 – McWilliam & Co, brickmakers, Westerhill Street off Keppochhill Road. Ho 144 Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow

1879 – 1880 – McWilliam & Co., brickmakers and builders, Lyall St, off New Keppochhill Rd.; Ho. Park House, Bishopbriggs.

04/12/1883 – Dundee Courier – William Ferrie, moulder, 3 Lyall Street, Keppochhill, was fined £1, including costs, for conniving at the illegal employment of his two daughters by Robert McAlpine, brickwork, St Rollox. The two girls were under 16 years of age. The Sheriff commented strongly upon the unfitness of such employment for young girls. (Note – SBH – I believe this reference relates to the Fountainwell Brickworks).

1893 – 1894 – Fountainwell Brick Company, Old Keppochhill Road, Glasgow.

1893 – There is a suggestion from the Commercial Gazette London that Fountainwell Brick Co folded in March 1893.

Below – 1892 – 1894 – Fountainwell Brickworks, Glasgow – disused.

fountainwell brickworks glasgow

Below – 1894 – Fountainwell Brickworks. (Disused).

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