Corsehill Brick and Tile Works, Dreghorn, Kilmarnock, North Ayrshire

1855 – 1857 – ScotlandPlaces – Corsehill Tileworks. Robert Gairdner, factor.

Below – 1856 – Corsehill Tileworks.

Below – 11/04/1866 – Glasgow Herald – Corsehill Tilework for let as possessed by Mr Alexander Douglas.

1867 – Alexander Douglas, Corsehill Tileworks, Kilmarnock.

1872 – Peter Brown, tile manufacturer, Corsehill.

Below – 20/02/1875 – The Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald – William Henderson & Co, Chemical manufacturers, Irvine V Archibald C. Brown, Cleughearn Brick and Tile Works, Hamilton for damages for failure to fulfil an alleged contract to supply brick from Corsehill Tileworks, Dreghorn for the pursuers works at Irvine.




1878 – Peter Brown & Son, Fire brick manufacturers Dreghorn.

1881 1885 – Invoices – Archd C Brown – Brick and Tile Works at Cleughearn, Chapelton, Hamilton; Corsehill by Kilmarnock and Fulwood, Houston.

Below – 1893 – Advert Peter Brown Walkinshaw, Corsehill and Williamwood, Gledstane.

1893 Peter Brown

1893 – 1894 – Peter Brown, manufacturer of bricks, pipe and tiles for field drainage – works Walkinshaw by Paisley, Corsehill by Kilmarnock and Williamwood by Busby. Office 12 High Street, Paisley. House Gledstane, Bishopton.

1896 – Peter Brown, Brick and Tile Maker, Busby, Glasgow.

Peter Brown, Brick and Tile Maker, Corsehill, Dreghorn, RSO Ayrshire.

Peter Brown, 12 High Street, Paisley.

Below – 1896 – Corsehill Tileworks.

1896 Corsehill tile works

02/07/1896 – Invoice – Peter Brown, brick, drain pipe and tile works, Corsehill by Kilmarnock and Walkinshaw by Paisley and Williamwood by Busby. Office is detailed as 12 High Street, Paisley but this has been scored out and Williamwood Brick and Tile Works written in instead. TA ‘Gledstane’ Paisley.

10/07/1896 – Henry Beveridge Jnr, Dreghorn sued Peter Brown, brick and tile maker. Corsehill Tilework by Kilmarnock for £150 as damages for bodily injuries received by him while engaged at his work and was on Tuesday awarded £100 by Sheriff Hall, Kilmarnock.

1901 – 1904 – Corsehill Brickworks: Kilmarnock: Peter Brown. T.O. Springfield Station.

1903 – Brown Peter & Co. (Agricultural drain tiles & red facing bricks), Corsehill, Springside, Kilmarnock.

13/10/1903 – The Edinburgh Gazette – Notice of dissolution of a partnership. The firm of Peter Brown, Virtue, & Company, Corsehill Brick and Tile Works, Springside, by Kilmarnock, of which the subscribers were the sole partners, has been dissolved of mutual consent, as at the 28th day of September 1903, by the retiral therefrom of the subscriber Alexander Virtue. The subscriber Peter Brown has acquired the whole business and assets of said firm. He will receive payment of all accounts owing to the said firm and will discharge all its liabilities. Peter Brown. J. E. Gibson, Solicitor, Kilmarnock, Witness. James Anderson, Solicitor, Kilmarnock, Witness. Witnesses to the signature of the said, Peter Brown. Alex Virtue. D. M. S. Lambie, Timber Measurer, 220 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, Witness. J. Cubkie, Grocer, 18 Kelvingrove Street, Glasgow, Witness. Witnesses to the Signature of the said, Alexander Virtue.

Below – 14/12/1908 – The Scotsman – Corsehill Brick and Tile Works, Springside, Kilmarnock for sale. Trustees of Peter Brown & Co.

08/09/1928 Dundee Courier – Corsehill Tileworks Ltd. Private Company to acquire the business of manufacturer of drain tiles, bricks, flowerpots and other commodities carried on by the Earl of Eglinton and Winton at Corsehill Tile Works, Dreghorn, Ayrshire. Capital £6000 in 4750 ‘A’ £1 shares and 500 ‘B’ 5s shares.

Below – 1938 – Corsehill Tileworks.

Below – 11/10/1952 – Kilmarnock Standard – Corsehill Brickworks for sale …


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