Clay seams, Craighthorn, South Lanarkshire

Below – 1845 – Glasgow Herald – For sale. The minerals in the lands of Craigthorn, in the Parish of Glassford and County of Lanark.

1. The farm of Craigthorn extends to about 84 Scotch acres. The proprietors, by recent borings in the lands, have ascertained seams of ironstone of the following descriptions. 1. Black 2. Curley 3. Clay bands averaging in thickness from 10 to 13 inches. Also a 4th seam, clay band measuring about 38 1/ inches in thickness with an excellent roof of free and limestone.

2. The minerals in the farms of Hunterlees and Birks adjoining the above lands belonging to the other proprietor. These lands extend to about 90 Scotch acres all of which are abound in the above mineral.

A terminus of the Clydesdale line of the railroad will be at Hamilton and a branch to Strathaven from that line is expected to run through the lands. Hamilton is only distant 5 miles, Strathaven 2 1/2 miles. Ironstone, coal, lime, brick clay and free-stone abound in the immediate district. To capitalists and others engaged in the iron trade, considering the excellent locality, the extent of the ground, with so many valuable seams of iron, a more favourable opportunity cannot be offered for investment. For particulars apply to William Jackson, proprietor of Hunterlees and Birks; James Jackson, farmer, Long Cadder Wood, East Kilbride; Joseph Wilson, surgeon, Coatbridge; James Thomson, writer, Strathaven. William Jackson will show the different seams or part thereof. Hunterlees, 18/03/1845.

(Note – SBH – The specific lands above may never have been sold for their minerals including clay as I cannot find a detailed tileworks on any of the maps. The Kittymuir Tileworks are only situated 1/2 a mile from Craigthorn but I believe they are situated just inside the Parish of Stonehouse).

1858 – Mineral Statistics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for 1858 – Glassford, clay of coal measures. Name of freeholder – Lord Eglinton. Manufacturer – James Bard (Baird?). Manufacture – stopping clay for blast furnaces. Estimated 800 tons annually. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain if this entry is connected to this page but I have detailed it here meantime to ensure it is recorded).

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