Callendar Brick and Fireclay Co – Roll Briquette Fireback

Callendar Brick and Fireclay Co Ltd, Falkirk – Roll Briquette Fireback

Sole manufacturers for Scotland and Northern England. Telephone Falkirk 2082 or 2083

R E Knowles Ltd, Manufacturers of Firebacks and Fireclay Refractories – Furness Vale Near Stockport. Established in 1890. Telephone New Mills 2127

The new roll – briquette fireback.

The outstanding features of this advanced construction are its strength and increased radiation. (Independent research shows a 14.4% increased radiant efficiency over that of a plain or Milner type fireback).  In addition to the hard-wearing, non-cracking refractory briquette base, the upper half incorporates the well-established principle of the roll-fireback.

The unit comprises of 44 briquettes, together with a one-piece top section roll-fireback. All the briquettes are shaped and apart from a slight trimming when fixing the back boiler, no cutting is required. By dipping the bottom half of the briquettes in a slurry mixture of fireclay and sand or cement and sand, the base is quickly built.

To replace and old type of fireback, it is not necessary to remove the existing fireplace.

We strongly recommend the new roll-briquette fireback for use with continuous and overnight burning fires.

Callendar roll briquette fireback

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