Cuttlehill Tile & Brick Work, Near Crossgates, Fife.

Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works, Near Crossgates, Fife.

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Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works, Leven, Fife.

Can anyone confirm whether these works are connected in any way or not?

Below – 04/05/1843 – Fife Herald – Cuttlehill Tile and Brick Work. Drain and house tiles, fire and common bricks, &c., can now be supplied from the above works and shipped at St David’s, one of the best harbours in the Forth.  The drain tiles being machine-made, are very superior to those made by hand, and of various sizes.

The quality of the fire clay has been fully tested, and cannot be surpassed.

A stock of various fire clay articles always in hand, and every other description of articles supplied on the shortest notice. For further particulars apply to Mr John Quarton. the manager, at the works, near Crossgates, by Inverkeithing. April 1843.


29/01/1845 – The Scotsman – Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland show. Mr Henry J Burn Esq, Cuttlehill for clay pipes.

12/08/1852 – Galloway Advertiser – Highland Agricultural Show at Perth – Among the articles commended were – a drain pavement for byres – John Quarton, Cuttlehill Tileworks, Crossgates.

Below – 24/11/1852 – North British Agriculturist – Forbes’s registered drain pavement.

1853 – 1855 – ScotlandsPlaces – An extensive brick and tile works both ornamental and useful, on the estate of Cuttlehill. Lessee Mrses [Messers] Burns and Thomson. The works consist of two brick and tile kilns, two drying sheds, one brick kiln (fireproof) one store and the manager and workers houses.

Below – 1854 – Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works, Near Crossgates. These works are not marked on the 1896 map.


Below – 11/04/1856 – Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser – Cuttlehill Fireclay Co for sale. (Note – SBH – I am unsure if this relates to the Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works at Crossgates or Leven –  most likely the former)

Below – 27/01/1857 – Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser – Cuttlehill Fireclay and Tile Work Company products for sale at the Meadowside Depot, Dundee. (Note – SBH – I am unsure if this relates to the Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works at Crossgates or Leven – most likely the former).

Below – 27/02/1858 – Alloa Advertiser – Cuttlehill Fireclay and Tile Works for sale.

Below- 25/06/1859 – Dunfermline Saturday Press – Cuttlehill Fire Clay Works for sale.

Below – 22/09/1859 – Fifeshire Journal – The minerals in the Estate of Hill of Beath near Dunfermline consisting of coal, ironstone and fireclay for sale … (Note – SBH – I believe this article refers to the Cuttlehill Brickworks as it states “Further particulars may be obtained on application to Mr Nasmyth at the fire clay works near Crossgates …

1868 – J Philp, Cuttlehill Brickworks, Inverkeithing, Fife. (John Philp as in the owner of the Alva Brick and Tile Works)?

13/02/1871 – The Scotsman- Sale at Cuttlehill Brickworks – To be sold at public roup. (Under a Warrant by the Sheriff), at Cuttlehill Brickworks. Four miles East from Dunfermline, and about one mile from Crossgates Station, On Thursday, February 16, 1872, at twelve o’clock noon. About 21,000 drain tiles, of various sizes, and a quantity of unburnt pipes and bricks. Also a four-horse-power steam engine, in working order, with boiler and belts: a clay crushing machine, pan mill, two pug mills, pipe-making machine, moulds, racks, and other implements, &c. Also, two iron pumps, large water wheel, hutch rails, two close carts, and sundry other articles. Also, a brown work mare and a set of cart harnesses. Terms of cash.  A. Don, Auctioneer Dunfermline, 7th February 1871.


23/05/1872 – Fife Herald – Deaths – At Cuttlehill Brickworks, Donibristle on the 13th inst, John, son of the late Mr T Beveridge, long clerk at Fordel Colliery.

02/04/1874 – Falkirk Herald – Extensive sale – Cuttlehill, Crossgates, on Thursday 9th April. Mr Neilson is favoured with instructions from the Carron Company to sell by public roup, on Thursday, 9th April 1874, on the Estate of Cuttlehill, near Crossgates, on the Dunfermline Branch Railway, about 160 lots of Scots and Spruce Fir, well adapted for pit wood and sleepers. Also, after the above, will be sold, at Cuttlehill Old Brickwork, 2 large brick burning kilns with a brick stack, 2 large brick drying sheds, engine house.  Also, immense quantities of bricks, tiles, shelving, coupling, &c. To be sold in lots to suit purchasers. Roup to begin with the wood at eleven o’clock, at Cuttlehill South Lodge, on the Kircaldy Road, which is one mile from Crossgates Station of the N.B. Railway, and finish with the building materials at Cuttlehill Old Brickworks, which will be about four o’clock. Falkirk, 23rd March 1874.

1882 – 85 – Cuttlehill Brickworks: Crossgates, Fife. Cuttlehill Colliery: Crossgates, Fife: A. Wallace.

21/05/1884 – Fife Herald – Birth. At Cuttlehill Brickworks on 19th inst, the wife of David Beveridge, Springhill, Crossgates, Fife of a daughter.

19/02/1887 – Dunfermline Saturday Press – Deaths – At Cuttlehill Brickworks, Donibristle on the 15th inst, Isabella Wilkie wife of Andrew Arnot, aged 65 years.

26/02/1887 – Dunfermline Saturday Press – Births – At Cuttlehill Brickworks, Donibristle, on the 22nd inst, the wife of David McNeill, of a son – stillborn.

1912 – 1913 – Fife Coal Co Ltd – Fire clay goods manufacturers, Crossgates, Dunfermline.


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