Seggie Brick and Tile Works, Guardbridge, St Andrews, Fife

Seggie Brick and Tile Works, Guardbridge, St Andrews.


01/04/1805 – Caledonian Mercury – Roup of bricks.  On Saturday the 20th April 1805, there will be sold by public roup, at the Guard Bridge, parish of Leuchars.  About one hundred and thirty thousand bricks, of the best quality, and full-sized. To be put up in lots of 1000 each. The roup to begin at 11 forenoon, and credit is given for 3 months.  Immediately after, the brickwork will be let for such a number of years as can be agreed upon.  The tacksman will have an opportunity also of making Tyles.  The situation is particularly advantageous, as ships of 80 tons burden can come within 20 yards of the work, by which means coals can be brought up, and the bricks and tyles exported. For particulars apply to the proprietor at Naughton, or David Nicol, a tenant at Seggie.

Below – 29/05/1809 – Caledonian Mercury – Brick and tile for sale at Guardbridge. Orders addressed to William Haig, Kincaple, Cupar.

Below – 17/09/1818 – Caledonian Mercury – Brick and tile for sale at Guardbridge. Apply to Mr Haig, Seggie.

18/04/1839 – Fife Herald – Meeting of trustees on statute labour and turnpike roads in the district of St Andrews … Another check bar across the entry to Guardbridge Tilework at the north end of the Guard Bridge on the side of the road leading from Guard Bridge to Cupar.

Below – 30/07/1842 – The Scotsman – Lands in the County of Fife and neighbourhood of the city of St Andrews with Tile Works for sale … The tileworks of Seggie. This work, situated on the above Estate and on the side of the public road to Cupar, is presently in operation; and there is an abundant supply of clay used in the manufacture within a few yards of the premises. An annual rent of £150 was offered for this Work a few years ago …

23/10/1844 – The Scotsman – For sale. The Estate of Seggie in the Parish of Leuchars and County of Fife extending to about 260 acres Scots, or about 327 imperial of the very best quality. A few acres are under thriving plantations, upwards of twenty years old and tastefully disposed. The distance from St Andrews is four miles and from Cupar and Dundee six miles. Coal and lime are in the immediate neighbourhood and the public burdens are moderate. There is a tilework on the estate which will either be sold along with it or separately …

1853 – 1855 – ScotlandsPlaces – A large manufactory for the [making] of bricks and tiles at the South-West end of Guard Bridge occupied or worked by Mr Bissett and property of the Bank of Scotland. It derives its name from the circumstance of its being built on a part of Segie Farm

Below – 1854 – Seggie Brickworks, Guardbridge, St Andrews.

1857 – Seggie Brickworks, W. A. Bisset.

21/05/1863 – Caledonian Mercury – Article on the Synod of Fife and the Presbytery of Dunfermline with reference to Messrs William A Bisset, brick and tile makers, Leuchars.

31/08/1865 – Fife Herald – Brick and tile work to let.  To be let for such a period as may be agreed on. The brick and tile work of Seggie, Parish of Lenchare, Fife, presently tenanted by Mr Bisset.  The work has been long established, ad an extensive trade has been carried on.  The clay is of very superior quality and easily procured.  The erections belong to the proprietor and are in good order and condition, and well adapted for a large business.  The Guardbridge Station of the St Andrews Railway is close to the work, which also adjoins St Andrews and Cupar Turnpike Road. Entry at Martinmas first may be arranged. Mr Bisset, the present tenant, will point out the works, ad further information may be obtained on application to Drummond and Nicholson, writers, Cupar-Fife, with whom offers may be lodged by the 1st of September next. Cupar-Fife, 19th July 1865..

1867 – William Bissett, brick and tile maker, Guard Bridge, Ferry Port on Craig
1877 – Robert Thomson, Seggie Brick and Tile Works, Guard Bridge by Cupar.
1878 – Robert Thomson, brickmaker, Guard Bridge.
1878 – John Kaird, brickmaker, Seggie, St Andrews.
25/12/1878 – Glasgow Herald – An advert describing the sale by Public roup of the lands and estate of Seggie, Leuchars, Fife including … there is a large and valuable clayfield and an extensive brick and tile work which has been in profitable operation for many years …
03/04/1879 – Fife Herald – An advert describing the sale by Public roup of the lands and estate of Seggie, Leuchars, Fife including ” a valuable clay field on the estate with an extensive and well-fitted brick and tile work”

Below – 1893 – Seggie Brickworks, Guardbridge, St Andrews (Also details the Eden Brickworks).

1893 – 1896 – Seggie Brick and Tile Works, Guard Bridge, Fife. Robert Paterson. TO Leuchars.

Both Seggie and Eden Brickworks are disused by 1912.

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