Hill of Beath Fireclay Works, Hill of Beath, Fife

Hill of Beath Fireclay Works, Hill of Beath, Fife.


21/05/1859 – Dunfermline Press – Andrew Alexander, ironmonger has removed to that shop, No 51 High Street, Dunfermline, opposite Music Hall Lane – Agent for Hill of Beath Fireclay Works.

Below – 20/10/1859 – Dunfermline Press – Hill of Beath Fireclay Works in full operation.

Below – 01/03/1860 – Dunfermline Press – Sale of steam engine and fireclay goods, Hill of Beath fireclay works, Crossgates Station.

1862 – Westwoods Directory. Ord Adams, brick manufacturers, Hill of Beath Coal and Fireclay Works, Fife.

06/10/1869 – Dunfermline Press – Hill of Beath Fireclay Works – These works are now in full operation. Fire bricks, Kinnaid grate bricks, oven soles, pavement, vent linings, chimney cans, plain and ornamental vases, faucet pipes, glazed and unglazed, from 3 to 14 inches in diameter, ground fireclay and all kinds of fireclay goods may be had. Orders addressed to the manager of the Hill of Beath Fireclay Works, Crossgates by Inverkeithing will meet prompt attention. 05/10/1859.

1871 – Census  – James Adams appears to be in charge of the fireclay works.

Below – 20/06/1871 – Brechin Advertiser – Ord Adams, Hill of Beath Coal and Fire Clay Works, Fifeshire advert. Fire clay goods of all kinds.

17/01/1874 – Fife Free Press – New brick works – The Fife Coal Company (Limited) have discovered an excellent seam of clay, very suitable for brick making, in a field in close proximity to their works at Kelty (Blairadam). Excavations are going preparatory to erecting a brick work at the spot. This will add another industry, facilitate the extention the village by providing a supply of building materials at hand. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain which works this information relates to in respect of the new brickworks. I have added it here meantime to ensure it is recorded.)

Below – 18/12/1874 – Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin Review – Montrose Police Commissioners mothly meeting. Ord Adams wins a tender to supply sewage pipes.

23/11/1875 – Dundee Courier – William Kennley Slater, 30 Dishland Street, Arbroath – Has always in stock all kinds of Fire Clay Manufactures, fire brick, scone brick, side and end arch brick, ground fire clay, sewerage pipes, chimney cans of all designs, Roman and Portland Cement, roof lights, water spouts etc. Agent for Hill of Beith Fireclay Manufactures.

1877 – Adams Ord, Hill of Beath Coal, Fire Clay  and Terra Cotta Works, Crossgates.  Shipping ports, Charlestown, Burntisland, Tayport, and Dundee dock

Below –  1877 – Advert – Ord Adams, Hill of Beath, Crossgates.


Below – 1878 – Ord Adams advert.

07/08/1880 – Dunfermline Saturday Press – Mr Ord Adams, Hill of Beath wins contract to supply fire clay pipes for the new drainage scheme at Cowdenbeath.

1886 – 1889 – Ord Adams, coalmaster and manufacturer of fireclay goods : Hill of Beath, Crossgates, Fife

1892 – Dunfermline Journal – If there are some Rip Van Winkles in the Western District of Fifeshire who have been asleep during the last half century and are anxious to have an idea of the great progress which has been made in mining since 1840, they could not do better than make a tour round the Fife Coal Company’s works at Hill of Beath. The late Mr. Ord Adams began operating on a very extensive scale at Hill of Beath upwards of 30 years ago. The great engine pit he sunk on the eastern slope of the Hill of Beath was a big venture compared with many of the small pits and clay-mines opened up in many of the districts in Fife. In 1887 Mr. David Adams, fully alive to the tendencies of the age, inaugurated the work of extending the colliery on a huge scale by contracting for sinking on the borders of the Hill of Beath and Dalbeath grounds, and the pit put down is undoubtedly the largest pit in Scotland. In 1889 the work passed into the hands of the Fife Coal Company.

Below – 22/02/1892 – Dundee Courier – Dispute between Lord Low and Mr Ord Adams re mineral rights.

Below – 1896 – Hill of Beath Fire Clay Works.

c. 1904 – The brickworks had been bought by the Fife Coal Company. Source Kenneth W Sanderson.

1912 -1913 – Fife Coal Company Limited – Coal and Fireclay owners – Kelty, Beath, Hill of Beath, Pirnie, Leven, Durie, Wellsgreen and Kirkness Collieries.

Below – 1913 – Hill of Beath Fire Clay Works.

Below – 1921 – Hill of Beath workers .

1922 – The Fife Coal Company Limited owned the brickworks at Hill of Beath, Blairadam and Bowhill.

Below – c. 1932 –  Hill of Beath brickworks in background

Hill of Beath brickworks closed C 1932

06/09/1934 – Dundee Courier – The Fife Coal Company displayed Fife manufactured bricks at an exhibition at British Industries House, Oxford Street, London. (Notes SBH – There is no reference to which exact brickworks were featured)

Below – 1938 – Hill of Beath Fire Clay Works.

Below – A wondeful Hill of Beath press / stamp found by George Hunter on the site of the Hill Of Beath brickworks.





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