Cuttlehill Tile & Brick Work, Leven, Fife.

Cuttlehill Tile & Brick Work, Leven, Fife.

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Cuttlehill Tile & Brick Work, Near Crossgates, Fife.

Can anyone confirm both works are connected or not.

07/10/1852 – To let – Together or separately. Millfield Mill dwelling house etc and the brick and tile work at Cuttlehill with a bank of clay near Leven. Entry 01/01/1853. Apply to the Proprietor, Durie, Leven, Fife.

Below – 1854 – Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works, Leven, Fife

Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works,Leven, Fife 1854

Below – 11/04/1856 – Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser – Cuttlehill Fireclay Co for sale. (Note – SBH – I am unsure if this relates to the Cuttlehill Brick and Tile Works at Crossgates or Leven)

1893  – Site is not marked but workings can be seen – disused.

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