Brownhill Brickworks, Newarthill, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire

Brownhill Brickworks, Newarthill, Wishaw, Lanarkshire.


06/10/1937 – The Scotsman – New Lanarkshire Brickwork. A new brickworks now in course of erection by the United Collieries Ltd at Cleland, Lanarkshire, is expected to be in operation before the end of the year. The work is being built alongside Brownhill Mine, belonging to the same Company, and it is stated that debris for the manufacture of the bricks is available in sufficient quantities in the immediate neighbourhood to keep the brickwork employed for about 25 years. The debris drawn from the mine workings is to be taken directly to the kilns and manufactured, into composition bricks, thereby rendering a bing unnecessary. The brickwork will have an output 20,000 bricks a day. Brownhill Mine is at present working the Humph coal seam. Its thickness is about 16 inches, and the area of coal available will provide employment for about 150 men for a number of years. Boring operations are at present being conducted in the Newarthill district on behalf of the United Collieries Ltd in an endeavour to prove the existence of lower seams.

31/12/1937 – Motherwell Times – Two kilns are now operating the new brickworks laid down by the United Collieries at Cleland and production should start in about a week’s time.

Below – 1938 – According to Canmore, the Brownhill Brickworks were in and around the area marked with the red cross.

03/01/1938 – The Scotsman – The new brickworks at Cleland which are being erected by the United Colliery Company are nearing completion and two of the kilns are already in operation. When the remaining kilns are completed the new brickworks will produce thousands of bricks per day. (Note – SBH – I believe this is a reference to the Brownhill Brickworks.)

12/08/1938 – Motherwell Times – … A farmer in the vicinity has been informed that a part of his field may be required any time now for mining operations in connection with the new mine to be sunk by United Collieries, Ltd. The company already owns the Brownhill Mine and Brickworks situated between Newarthill and Cleland, and the enterprise shown by the company is regarded as a hopeful augury for the future. It is expected that the new mine will be one of the largest yet sunk in the Newarthill district.

1947 – United Fireclay Products Limited comprised of the Etna and Atlas Firebrick Works, The Bathville Pipe Works, the UNICOL Tile Works, all at Armadale and the Brownhill building brickworks at Clelland, Lanarkshire.  Lower demand for refractories led to the Etna Works being converted to making building bricks under the ETNA brand and the closure of the Atlas Works in 1973.  Gibbons Dudley took over the United Fireclay Products in 1971 and they were bought over by Steetley Ltd in 1981 who then sold the Etna and the Brownhill Works to GISCOL Ltd.

Below – 20/11/1964 – Wishaw Press United Fireclay Products advert with reference to Bathville pipes and fittings, Etna and Brownhill building bricks.

23/03/1973 – Wishaw Press. The United Fireclay Products Limited, a member of the Gibbons Dudley Group have a vacancy for an engineer for the maintenance of Mitchell clay working and brickmaking machinery. Apply The Manager, Brownhill Brickworks, Cleland.

1981 – The 1985 publication ‘A survey of Scottish brickmarks’ suggests that the works were demolished by this date.

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