Carfin Colliery Brickworks, Carfin, North Lanarkshire


(These work may have been connected in business with the Jenny Lind Composition Brickworks – Source – Survey of Scottish Brickmarks)

21/05/1881 – Lanarkshire Upper Ward Examiner – Messrs Dixon Ltd. Manufacture bricks at their Carfin Colliery, near Motherwell. For prices, &c, apply there or at Calder Ironworks, Coatbridge.

18/10/1884 – Wishaw Press – A very serious accident occurred on Friday at the brickwork at Carfin belonging to the Carfin Coal Company. It appears that at the time of its occurrence, Thomas Farrel, 35 years of age, was busy working at a face of clay, about 8 feet in height and about 6 feet from him his nephew, a boy about 4 years of age was standing. The face suddenly fell and buried the two under it. The body of the uncle was first reached and on its being removed life was found to be extinct. When got at, the boy was gasping for breath and black in the face. He was severely injured internally and small hopes are entertained for his recovery.

On Monday another accident occurred at the brickwork. A boy of thirteen years named John Cowan, residing in Omoa Square, Cleland was clearing out the rhone which conveys the ground fire clay to a circular sieve which had got choked when he accidentally slipped and his foot got entangled in the pinion wheel which drives the sieve. Before it could be extricated on of his toes was crushed off and two others were badly lacerated. The lad’s father had him taken to Dr Duncan, Cleland who dressed the injuries.

12/01/1889 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – Glasgow Western Infirmary. The secretary begs to acknowledge, with thanks, receipt of the following contribution from Carfin Coal Co, Carfin Colliery and Brickwork, Motherwell – £2 2s.

1891 – 1896 – Invoices – Loganlea Coal Company Limited, Collieries:-Loganlea, Longford, Stoneyburn, Bents, & Foulshiels, West Calder, Carfin Collieries and Brickworks, Motherwell

1893? – Survey of Scottish Brickmarks states these works were owned by the Carfin Coal Company. (Note – SBH – However, the works are not marked on the 1897 map albeit the Jenny Lind Brickworks are. The survey also suggests that Steetley Ceramics were owners in 1981 but I think they may be assuming that the Carfin Colliery Brickworks and the Jenny Lind were on the same site which they were not albeit they were close. For further research)

Below – 1910Carfin Colliery Brickworks.

05/12/1923 – Coatbridge Express – The committee of management for Carfin Brickworks reported that at a meeting on 17th October the clerk explained that, in the respect that the State-aided housing schemes were now nearing completion, the output of bricks from the brickworks had recently not been fully utilised., that in consequence, there was a stock of fully one million bricks on hand at the moment, and that accommodation for stacking purposes at the brickworks was almost wholly taken up. The clerk pointed out further that in view of the delay in making a commencement with the schemes under the Act of 1923, it would be necessary in the near future either to close down the brickworks temporarily or to find an outlet for the produce of the works meantime. The meeting after consideration were unanimously of the opinion that it would be undesirable to close down the brickworks at the present time. It was accordingly agreed that subject to the approval of the Scottish Board of Health, the weekly produce, so far as the committee were unable to take it up themselves at the moment, should be disposed of at the best price obtainable …

Below – 1938Carfin Colliery Brickworks.

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