Wellshot Brickworks, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire.

Below – 1893 – Wellshot Colliery.

10/08/1895 – Dundee Advertiser – New joint-stock companies – Dunn & Glen to carry on the business of David Gardner Dunn and Hugh Glen, coal masters, Wellshot, Cambuslang and to carry on the trade of coal masters, brick and tile makers, quarry masters etc. Capital £10,000 in £10 shares.

10/08/1895 – Glasgow Herald – The following joint-stock companies were registered in Scotland during the present week … Dunn & Glen, established with a capital of £10,000 divided into £10 shares to acquire and carry on the business at Wellshot, Cambuslang of coal masters, brick and tile makers and quarry masters. The registered office of the company is at Wellshot Colliery, Cambuslang. The first subscribers were D. G. Dunn, Hugh Glen, Jessie R. Dunn, Kate M. C. Dunn, Mrs Elzabeth Glen, all of Cambuslang; J. T. T. Brown writer, Glasgow and Nicol F. Cameron, writer, Glasgow …

09/03/1898 – The Dundee Courier – The subscription list will open today (Wednesday) 09/03/1898 and close on or before Friday 11/03/1898. The Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited and the National Bank of Scotland Limited, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and branches are authorised to receive subscriptions for the undermentioned capital.

The United Collieries Limited – Share capital £200,000.

100,000 5% cumulative preference shares of £ each and 100,000 ordinary shares of £1 each.

The following are the names of the collieries and brickworks acquired …

Wellshot Brickwork at Cambuslang.

Ellismuir Brickwork at Ballieston.

… It should be explained that the profit on bricks for the same period is at the rate of 6s 8d per 1000 being equal to £1741 6s 8d per annum. Future profits are projected at this same amount.

Mr Hugh Glen who has been so long successfully connected with Wellshot Colliery will be associated with the management of that concern and will take charge of the sales of brick made by the company.

06/05/1899 – Dundee Advertiser – The first meeting of the shareholders of the United Collieries Company Limited was held at the Merchants Hall, Glasgow yesterday … The directors had found that the manufacture of the bricks at Wellshot was very remunerative and they resolved early in the year on the erection of an additional kiln, which had practically doubled the output which was now about 30,000 bricks daily.

1899 – 1900 – Wellshot Brickworks office, 109 Hope Street. Wellshot Collieries; office, 109 Hope St.

1901 – Directory of Clayworkers – Dunn and Glenn Limited, Wellshot Colliery and Brick Works, Cambuslang, Glasgow.

1903 – 1904 – Wellshot Brickworks Office, 109 Hope Street. Wellshot Collieries Office, 109 Hope St.

15/03/1905 – Hamilton Herald – Homeless labourers. Robert Fraser and James Ryan, two homeless labourers, were at Hamilton J.P. Court on Monday each fined 10s or 14 days, for sleeping at Wellfield Brickwork.

28/12/1907 – Hamilton Herald – Death of Hugh Glen, Wellshot House, Buchan Drive, Cambuslang – Miner to Coalmaster … Now safely embarked upon a commercial career he transferred his services to a brickmaking firm in the Parkhead district (Note – SBH – possibly the Westmuir Colliery Brickworks, Parkhead) and it was the knowledge of the industry which he acquired there that enabled him to start a brickwork in Cambuslang at a later period in his life.

Below – 1910 – Site of the old Wellshot Colliery. (Note – SBH – A small set of buildings still stand – disused brickwork perhaps?).




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