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18/09/1920 – The Scotsman – Scottish Brickmakers and the Railway Rates – The fire brick and building brick makers in Scotland

are assiduously pursuing their negotiations with the Ministry of Transport with a view to obtaining a revision of the new railway rates as far as that affect the transport of bricks. The omission of the limiting clause B, under which bricks are carried has been strongly protested against and at a meeting of the manufacturers held in the North British Station Hotel, Glasgow yesterday, over which Mr John G Stein , Bonnybridge presided, a report was submitted on behalf of the Committee which had conferred with the Ministry on the subject. It was announced that the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry had agreed to make various inquiries among the railway companies and to submit a memorandum to the Ministry of Transport for his consideration as to whether it would be advisable to propose a revision to the Rates Advisory Committee in view of the statements put forward particularly as affecting the Scottish brick trade.