Ryedale Tile and Brick Works, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire

Ryedale Tile and Brick Works, Dumfries.


07/10/1837 – Carlisle Patriot – Exhibition. Premiums were recommended to … Mr Thomas Hamilton, Ryedale Tileworks for a specimen of drain tiles of superior texture.

13/09/1846 – The Scotsman – To Potters – Wanted an experienced potter and fireman. Apply to Thomas Thorburn, Ryedale Tileworks, near Dumfries. (Still wanted on 02/10/1846)

Below – 28/10/1846 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard Thomas Thorburn re-opens Ryedale Pottery, associated with Ryedale Tileworks.

Below – 30/12/1846 –  Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Article on land draining in Ayrshire and recommending 2″ diameter tiles instead of the normally used 3″ diameter tiles.





1848 – 1851 – ScotlandsPlaces – Considerable works for the manufacture of bricks and tiles. The works consist of large drying sheds and there are 3 cottages the residences of some? working people, there are about 20? employed during the season in?

Below – 1850 – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 1850 – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works.

14/11/1855 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – I hereby intimate that John Carlisle has ceased to be in my employment, and has no authority to take orders for tiles, or receive payment of money or accounts on my behalf. Thomas Thorburn. Ryedale Tileworks, 9th November 1855.

11/03/1857 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Ryegrass seed for sale, of excellent quality and warranted perennial, being the second year’s growth. Apply to Joseph Anderson, foreman Rydale Tileworks. Samples can be seen at Mr Johnstons weighing machine, Buccleuch Street.

24/06/1857 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Hard burned in open kilns of the best quality and fit for building outside walls. Also draining pipes and tiles of all sizes of superior quality. Apply to Joseph Anderson, Manager, Ryedale Tileworks.

Below – 28/04/1858 –  Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works, Dumfries – The subscriber begs to solicit public attention to the superior quality of the draining pipes and tiles which are now in course of manufacture at these works. The clay, which is excellent, after undergoing the pulverising influence of the winter’s frost, is forced by steam power in a firm and solid body through the rollers and dies, an operation which makes the pipes and tiles much stronger; and as no pains and expense are afterwards spared in the burning process, the Subscriber ventures to say that, with ordinary care, there will not be one broken pipe or tile in a cartload. The bricks, which are manufactured from clay which has also undergone the pulverising influence of the weather, are burned either in open or closed kilns as circumstances may require, and their superiority will be at once seen on examination. Hollow bricks for partitions are made to order. Specimens of the pipes and tiles, of all sizes, and bricks, may be seen at Mr McKenzie’s Coal Depot, Railway Station. Lists of Prices will be forwarded free on applying to Joseph Anderson, Manager.


02/06/1858 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Births on the 12th ultimo at  Ryedale Tileworks, the wife of James Wright, Tilemaker, a son.

06/10/1858 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Police commissioners Maxwelltown … The clerk produced a copy petition levied upon him on 29th at the instance of Thomas Thorburn, for exemption from or restriction of the lands of Ryedale and also of the tileworks there, from police assessment on the grounds of their being used for agricultural purposes. The meeting authorised the Clerk to instruct Messrs McLellan and McKenzie in Kirkcudbright to attend to the interest of the Commissioners in the petition, admitting the limited exemption respect to the agricultural subjects, but maintaining full liability with regard to the tile manufactory …

Below – 22/06/1859 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works. Joseph Anderson Manager.


Below – 25/01/1860 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works – Product list. Joseph Anderson, manager.

Below – 01/08/1866 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works – Pricelist. Joseph Anderson Manager.

1867 – John Palmer, brickmaker, The Moat, Dumfries. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain if this reference relates to Rydale but as you will see from the 1850 map above, The Moat is an area close to Rydeale Brickworks).

1867 – Thomas Thorburn, tilemaker, Riedale, Dumfries.

1877 – Memoirs of the geological survey, Scotland. Kirkcudbright (North-East part) and Dumfriesshire (South-West part) … Brick clays. At Ryedale and Hannahfield near Dumfries and other places on both sides of the Nith, certain blue clays have been used for the manufacture of bricks. These blue clays mostly underlie the stratified sands and gravels of the 50-foot beach … Rydale Brickworks, Maxwelltown.

Below – 12/12/1878 – Southern Reporter – Arson at Ryedale Tileworks.

28/11/1883 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – An article on the weather and rural affairs in the Dumfries area … Some draining is being executed in this district, but the extent is small when compared with that of the land which requires it. There is however no lack of materials in the district for drainage as at the tile works at Ryedale there is a large supply of tiles and pipes, of a quality that cannot be surpassed, besides which large supplies from the Lanarkshire fire-clay works are kept at Dumfries Railway Station by various agents …

14/05/1884 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – An article on the weather and rural affairs in the Dumfries area … A good deal of drainage is being executed in the district, one evidence is the number of tile laden carts which pass through Dumfries from the famed, for quality and finish, tile producing works at Ryedale …

1886 – Walter Scott, brickmaker, Riedale (Ryedale?), Dumfries. (Page 437).

04/10/1889 – Galloway News – Sheep worrying case – Reference to John Jardine, manager Ryedale Tileworks.

1893 – Walter Scott, brickmaker, Ryedale, Troqueer, Dumfries.

Below – 1895 – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works.


Below – 1898 – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works.


1907 – Ryedale Brick and Tile Works appear closed.

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