Muirkirk Brickworks, Muirkirk, Ayrshire, East Ayrshire

The brickworks were situated on the south-east side of the ironworks. They supplied fireclay bricks for the blast furnace linings and taphole clay.  Once the railways arrived higher grade firebricks were brought in and firebrick manufacture at Muirkirk ceased. (Date unknown).

1788 – Muirkirk Ironworks were erected at Muirkirk, Ayrshire.

1789 – Canal basin constructed next to the Iron Works for the supply of coal and limestone etc.

27/07/1801 – Caledonian Mercury – Land for sale with an abundance of minerals … The farms of Upper and Middle Wellwoods and Grasshills and West Glenbuck … Materials for building and fire clay for bricks are in great abundance in different parts of these grounds and there are good turnpike roads lately made from these grounds to the seaports of Glasgow, Ayr and Leith …

26/09/1804 – Morning Post – Extensive ironworks for sale at Muirkirk. The advert references the works and buildings but there is no mention of a brickwork?

16/03/1839 – Leeds Mercury – Muirkirk Ironworks for sale £20,000 – including Brick stove and kiln, clay mill steam engine and boiler.

28/07/1848 – Glasgow Herald – The opening of the Cumnock extension railway to Muirkirk … There are two blast furnaces built upon the latest and most approved principle under the judicious superintendence of Mr Andrew Craig, the manager. The bricks used for these buildings are of a very superior quality and are all manufactured upon the ground …

24/07/1851 – Perthshire Advertiser – Sequestrations – Malcolm Ross, brick and tile maker, Muirkirk, Ayrshire – Blackbull Inn, Cumnock 24th July and 21st August at one o’clock. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain if this entry refers to the Muir Brickworks directly or another nearby site).

03/02/1852 – Dundee Advertiser – Creditors of Malcolm Ross, brick and tile maker, Muirkirk will receive a dividend, on 16th March at Robert Crawford’s office, Cumnock. (Note – SBH – I am uncertain if this entry refers to the Muir Brick Works directly or another nearby site).

1856 – Muirkirk Iron Company was bought over by the Eglinton Iron Company which was a company owned by William Baird and Company.

06/11/1858 – Kilmarnock Weekly Post – Wanted a good steady brick maker. Liberal encouragement will be given to a fit and proper person. Applications with testimonials, to be addressed to the Eglinton Iron Coy., Muirkirk, on or before 8th November.

c.1923 – Ironworks closed.


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