Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Company, Greengairs, North Lanarkshire

Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Company appears to have originally been predominantly a coal producing company but then they also started mining fireclay which supplied fire clay to James Towers at the Towers or Grahamston Fireclay Works, Falkirk.

02/01/1937 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Co. (Ltd.), 126 High Street, Falkirk. Private company, to carry on the business of colliery proprietors, coalmasters, coke, brick, and briquette makers, engineers, ironfounders, metallurgists, and smelters. Capital. £3000 in £1 shares.

c. 1939 – Closed?

Below – 22/05/1943 – The Scotsman – Sale of the Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Company due to the abandonment of the mine.


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