Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Company, Greengairs, North Lanarkshire

Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Company appear to have originally been predominantly a coal-producing company but then they also started mining fireclay which supplied fire clay to James Towers at the Towers or Grahamston Fireclay Works, Falkirk.

02/01/1937 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Co. (Ltd.), 126 High Street, Falkirk. A private company, to carry on the business of colliery proprietors, coalmasters, coke, brick, and briquette makers, engineers, iron founders, metallurgists, and smelters. Capital. £3000 in £1 shares.

c. 1939 – Closed?

Below – 22/05/1943 – The Scotsman – Sale of the Berryhill Fireclay and Coal Company due to the abandonment of the mine.


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