Faskine Brickworks, Bank Street, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

Faskine Brickworks, Bank Street, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

14/09/1887 – Glasgow Herald –  Valuation appeal court, Hamilton. The valuation of William Baird and Company’s Brickwork at Faskin(e), which had been raised from £40 to £60 was restricted to £50.

Below – 19/03/1892 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – 42 tramps sent to prison while lodging in unoccupied kilns at Palacecraig and Faskine Brick Works along with their wives and children. They are described as ‘tousie’ and ‘unwashed’.

1896 –  Robert Brand, Faskine Brickworks, Calderbank, Airdrie.

Below – 1897 – Faskine Brickworks.

25/11/1905 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – Reference to youths ratting or poaching rabbits on the wasteland and dirt hills of the Faskine Brickworks, Old Monkland and occupied by Hugh Symington and belonging to the complainer, Mr A.Whitelaw of Gartshore.

Below – 1911 – Faskine Brickworks. (Palacecraig Brickworks have gone by this time). Faskine Brickworks are gone by 1938.

1912 – 1913H. Symington & Sons – Faskine Brickworks, Calderbank, Airdrie.

05/09/1919 – Kilsyth Chronicle – New Companies registered last week – Faskine and Palacecraig Brick and Coal (Limited). Capital £10,000 in £1 shares. Private Company. Subscribers John J McMurdo, solicitor, 10 Bank Street, Airdrie, and John Weir, brick manufacturer, Castlecary by Bonnybridge.

1920 – 21 – Castlecary Fireclay Co., Ltd., Firebrick furnace block manufacturers, Castlecary, Palacecraig Colliery and Faskine Brickworks, Airdrie. Office, 45 Renfield street. Tel. Nos, 3406 Central and 12 Dullatur; telegrams, “ Weir, Castlecary, Glasgow.

30/01/1926 – Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser – Thomas Love, labourer, 3 High Palacecraig Rows, Brewsterford, who died on 31st December at the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow from burning injuries and shock, the results of an accident caused that day by the bursting of a steam pipe in the engine room of Faskine Brickworks, Brewsterford, owned and worked by the Castlecary Fireclay Co Ltd, during the course of his industrial employment there.

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