Hadden Tile Works, Kelso

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Hadden or Haddon Tile Works.

(Note :  A.Davidson Greaves esq who on attaining the age of 21 took over the family estate at Hoselaw which would most likely include Hadden Farm. – 12/07/1844) ( Hoselaw and Hadden Tile Works may be one of the same)

(Note: I also believe there may be a connection between the Haddon Tile Works and Shidlaw Tile Works)

Below – 1859 – Hadden with lime kiln to North. Could this lime kiln also be the location of the tile works.

07/04/1871 – Kelso Chronicle – Hadden lime and tile works. On sale, lime and drain pipes. Orders punctually attended to and can be delivered by rail or carts on the usual terms. Apply to the foreman on the works or William Linn, Chevington, Woodside, Acklington.

Below- 11/02/1876 – Haddon Tile Works near Carham Station for sale.

Below – 03/11/1904 – Southern Reporter – John Wilson, Dairyman, Hadden Tile Works, accused of watering down sweet milk.

23/11/1939 – Daily Record – Reference to Mrs Jane Wilson, Haddon Tile Sheds, Kelso donating 2s 6d.

12/12/1939 – Berwickshire News – Further additions to the muster roll – Pte W Wilson, Haddon Tile Sheds, Kelso – 6th KOSB.

29/08/1940 – Southern Reporter – Good sheep or cattle dog – selling because man has joined up. Price £2 or nearest offer. Make good farm dog. Mrs I Wilson, Haddon Tile Sheds, Kelso.

Below – 17/07/1941 – The Berwick Advertiser – Alexander Callender, Haddon Tile Works, Sprouston was fined for walking a pig to the slaughter house without a licence.

21/01/1944 – Jedburgh Gazette – Alexander James Wilson, Haddon Tile Sheds, Sprouston was charged with riding a bicycle without front or rear lights and fined 10s for each of the 2 lights.

16/11/1944 – Southern Reporter – Mr Callander, Hadden Tile Sheds, Sprouston has been notified that his grandson PteS Gibb, Canadian Army has died of wounds in a hospital in Italy.

14/02/1945 – The Scotsman  – John Swan & sons, Auctioneers. Whitsunday sales  – Haddon Tile Sheds, Kelso – 15th May.

22/03/1945  – Southern Reporter – To Let Hadden Tile House, Kelso situated on the west side of Carham Station. Mrs Wilson is the outgoing tenant. 18 1/2 acres.

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