Blackstoun Mineral Oil Company and Brickworks, Renfrewshire

William Black & Sons Limited – Blackstoun Mineral Oil Company and Brickworks, Renfrewshire.

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Blackstoun Oil Works – Also referred to as Blackston, Blackstone, or Linwood by Blackstone oil works

Redwood notes “Blackston Oil Works, proprietor Blackston Mineral Company, and located at Blackston, Paisley, operated between 1872 and 1879″. He also lists ” Blackstoun Oil Works, proprietor Allen, Craig & Company and located Linwood, near Johnstone, Paisley operated between 1870 and 1886, equipped with 44 vertical retorts producing crude oil only.” Valuation roles suggest that both entries refer to the same site.

Allan Craig’s works were presumably supplied from the pits of William Black & Sons. (Operating as the Blackston Mineral Oil Company?), who obtained a lease on local minerals in 1872. The Blackston Mineral Oil Company, along with other businesses carried out by William Black & Sons, (including the Stanrigg Oil Company) merged to form William Black & Sons Limited in 1895. William Black & Sons Limited resumed brick production on the Blackstoun site c.1900, probably using spent shale. This continued when the company was amalgamated into United Collieries, in c.1905.

Background – There is little evidence to suggest that the Blackston Mineral Oil Company (often referred to as Blackston Mineral Company) manufactured mineral oils. The company file for William Black & Sons Limited makes reference to taking ownership of collieries and oil works at “Blackston and Achenledimont (sp?)” however this might be related to the former plant of Allan Craig & Co.? Valuation Records – Entries between 1872 and 1902. Download details

c. 1871 – 1886 – Available evidence suggests that Blackstoun Oil Works were operated by Allan Craig & Sons from c.1871 until c.1886. This company also manufactured bricks.

1874 – 1878 – Allan Craig & Sons, Brick manufacturers.

1878 – Blackstoun Mineral Co, coal, iron and stone masters and oil and brick manufacturers, Blackstoun near Paisley.

1882 – Blackstoun Mineral Co, coal, iron and stone masters and oil and brick manufacturers, Blackstoun near Paisley.

Below – 1895 – Blackstone Brickworks.

1896 – 1900 – William Black & Sons, Blackstone Brickworks.

1901 – Clayworkers Directory – Wm. Black & Sons Ltd, 18 George Square, Glasgow and Blackstone Brickworks, Paisley.

1905 – United Collieries, Blackston Brickworks.

Below – 1910 – Blackston Brickworks. (Marked as disused).

1911 – 1912  – Walter Gibb, manager of Blackston Brickworks, Blackston Cottage.

02/01/1914 – Kilsyth Chronicle – Brickworkers wanted. Apply Gibb, manager. Blackston Brickworks, Paisley.

Below – 21/04/1917 – Hamilton Advertiser – Blackston Brickwork, Houston for sale. Belonging to United Collieries.





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