Whiterig Brick and Tile Works, Near Rawyards, North Lanarkshire

Whiterig Tileworks, Near Rawyards, Lanarkshire. (Note – SBH – I believe these works were aka Whiterigg Brickworks)

Below – 1859 – Whiterig Brick and Tile Works.

30/09/1876 – Renfrewshire Independent – Accident at Brickfield – A girl 17 years of age, named Letitia O’Neill, in the employment of Messrs Black and Sons at Whiterigg Brickworks, met with a serious accident while engaged at her usual employment as an outdoor worker there. She was assisting to push a waggon of bricks along the siding, when she stumbled and fell before the wheels, which passed over her left leg above the knee, bruising it so fearfully that amputation was rendered necessary.

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