Williamsburgh Brick and Tile Works, Paisley, Renfrewshire

Williamsburgh Brick and Tile Works, Paisley, Renfrewshire.




1837 – Thomson and Smith, brickmakers, Williamsburgh, Paisley.

Below – 02/08/1842  –  Edinburgh Gazette – Sequestration where James Thomson acted as a Commissioner.

Sequestration where James Thomson acted as a Commissioner 1842

29/01/1846 – Stirling Observer – Wanted – A person to undertake the burning of brick. To one fully qualified, a liberal wage will be given. None need apply who cannot produce satisfactory reference as to sobriety and ability. Apply (If by letter post-paid) 24, Williamsburgh, Paisley. 27/01/1846.

Below – 21/04/1848 – Greenock Advertiser – John Thomson, bricklayer, Carnock Street, Greenock has been appointed an agent. James Thomson, Williamsburgh Brick and Tile Works.

1851  – 1852 – J & J Thomson, brickmakers Paisley. Robert Foulds, clerk. House 9 Inkle Street. (Page 37)

1851 – 1852 J & J Thomson, brick builders, and manufacturers of draining tile and bricks of all descriptions. Brickworks East lane, 22 Williamsburgh. House 24 do. Also Victoria Brickworks, (West) 31 Caledonia Street (Page 88).

1852 – John and James Thomson, brickmakers, Williamsburgh. (Note – SBH – This may be the same John Thomson as was involved with the Merryflats Brickworks).

04/01/1853 – Edinburgh Gazette – Reference to John Thomson, brick and tile maker, Paisley acting as one of the commissioners for the sequestrated Estate of John Heiton, Wright, Paisley.

29/03/1855 – Caledonian Mercury – Under sequestration – J & J Thomson, bricklayers and brick manufacturers, Paisley and John Thomson and James Thomson, bricklayers and brick manufacturers in Paisley as a company and as individuals.

Below – 1858 – Williamsburgh Works – Possibly the brick and tile works?

Below – 1858 – Williamsburgh Brick and Tile Works marked as disused. (Note – SBH – This is taken from the 1858 Town Map and unfortunately, the brickworks is not shown to its full extent. I have covered it as best I can using 2 sections of the map. This is the link to the lower section of the works. 1858).

Below – Date unknown – Advert for James Thomson, 24 Williamsburgh, Paisley, builder and manufacturer of fire clay and common bricks and flue covers and drain tiles and soles of every description


Thomson, Williamsburgh Advert

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