Roslin Brickworks, Roslin, Midlothian


Archaeological Notes. Roslin Colliery (also known as `The Moat’)
Location: Roslin
Previous Owners: Shotts Iron Company Limited
Types of Coal: Steam and House
Sinking/Production Commenced: 1901-3
Year Closed: 1969 (Note – SBH – I think this may be the date the colliery closed. The brickworks survived until 1977 / 1978)
Year Abandoned: 1969
Average Workforce: 754
Peak Workforce: 770
Peak Year: 1952
Shaft/Mine Details: 2 shafts located at NT 2631 6354 and NT 2632 6357. No. 1 downcast, 282m deep, 6.1m by 1.83m, timber-lined rectangular shaft, with 600hp `Ingles¿ steam winder. No. 2 upcast, 294m deep, 3.35m diameter. Deepened in 1922. Pumping at bottom of No. 2 shaft.
Details in 1948: Output 777 tons per day, 194,250 tons per annum. 765 employees. Coal washed at Ramsay Colliery (NT26NE 93). Baths (1930), first-aid room, canteen (snack). Some electricity generated at the colliery, remainder bought from SE Scotland Electricity Board. Report dated 15-07-1948.
Other Details: Screening extended in the 1920s, and baths installed in 1930  said to be the first in the Lothians. Associated brickworks, established in 1937, operated until the 1970s. Spontaneous combustion underground caused problems, particularly in 1953.  M K Oglethorpe 2006.

Below – 10/03/1937 – Glasgow Herald.

Roslin Brickworks Glasgow Herald 10-03-1937

18/12/1937 – The Scotsman – The Shotts Iron Company Limited trading results … from the furnace, there is of course, also a large production of slag, much of which is now made into slag bricks and the balance is treated for road making purposes. In addition to these slag bricks, the Company has in operation at Shotts a composition brick making plant which has been producing 12 million bricks per annum. These bricks have a ready outlet in the existing building demand.

A new brickwork has been erected at Roslin Colliery and is now in operation. These new bricks are of a first-rate quality and are commanding a ready market. It is the Company’s intention to double the productive capacity before June next.

Below – 1938 –  Roslin brickworks.

Roslin brickworks c. 1944

05/08/1939 – Edinburgh Evening News – Brickworks engineer wanted, knowledge of Bradley and Craven machines preferred. Apply Manager, Roslin Brickworks.

1947 – The works were taken over by the National Coal Board.

Below – 1958 – Roslin Colliery and Brickworks.


Below – 1944 – 1967 – Roslin Colliery and Brickworks.

31/12/1977 – Works close?

Below – 26-chamber kiln from the south-west, Roslin Colliery & Brick Works, Midlothian Shotts Iron Company Ltd started Roslin Brick Works in the 1930s and operated the business until 1947 when the National Coal Board took over. The Scottish Brick Corporation became the owners in 1969 and ran the business until its closure on 31 December 1977. This shows the west corner of the 26-chamber Hoffmann continuous kiln built-in 1937 by Cleghorn of Newmains. This was the first kiln built, the second being a 12-chamber Hoffman continuous kiln built-in 1953. The conveyor on metal supports to the left of the photograph was used to transport bricks around the site. With a Hoffmann kiln, a fire was lit in the first chamber and the draught from a tall chimney drew the heat through each chamber. This system allowed bricks to be fired continuously as some chambers could be emptied or filled during the baking process.

roslin brickworks..


Roslin brickworks

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