Tylefield Street Brickworks, Gallowgate, Glasgow

1816  – Samuel Coulter, brickmaker, Gallowgate Toll, Glasgow.

1825 – Samuel Coulter, brickmaker, Gallowgate, Glasgow.

1835 – 1836 – John Coulter, bricklayer and brick manufacturer, Tylefield Street, Gallowgate, Glasgow and Samuel Coulter, Late Tyle Maker, Tylefield Street, Glasgow.

1836 – Samuel Coulter & John Coulter, brick and tile makers, Tylefield Street.

1837 – John Coulters, brickmaker, Gallowgate, Glasgow. (Page 546).

1840 – 1841 – John Coulter, brick builder and tile maker, Tylefield Street, Glasgow.

1841 John Coulter, brick builder and tile maker, Tylefield Street, Glasgow.

24/03/1848 – Glasgow Herald – To brick and tile makers. To be let on lease. Several fields of clay of a very superior quality and great depth, situated at Camlachie, near the Gallowgate Toll Bar. Apply to John Allan, writer, 120 Buchanan Street; or to Mr John Coulter, brick builder, No. 52 Tylefield Street, Gallowgate: the latter of whom will show the fields and specimens of the clay.

1849 – 1850 – John Coulter, brick builder and tile manufacturer, 52 Tylefield Street, Glasgow.

Below – 1856 – Map showing Tylefield Street, Glasgow but the brickworks are not identified. (Note – SBH – Tylefield Street is situated adjacent to the Campbellfield Brick, Tile and Pottery Works. Perhaps Coulter’s works were also located in the vicinity at one point).

30/10/1857 – The Glasgow Herald – Properties in Little and Marlborough Streets, Calton and Gallowgate, Glasgow for sale. These premises belong to the heirs of Samuel Coulter, Brickmaker, Glasgow. Also Tylefield Street, Glasgow.

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