Sheepmount Brickworks, North Woodside, Glasgow

Sheepmount or Sheepsmount.

Below – 1858 – Sheepmount Brickfield, North Woodside.

12/08/1863 – Glasgow Herald – The rock and clay on the lands of North Woodside, parts of the former being a fine white rock and the latter suitable for brick making and pottery purposes. Particulars will be given and offers received by William Cowan, accountant, 64 St Vincent Street.

1867 – 1868 – Hardie and Anderson – Brickmakers, Sheepmount, Maryhill Road. Ho 345 Dumbarton Road, Partick.

27/08/1869 – Glasgow Herald – Lad wanted to keep a small engine – one that has been at the turning. Apply at Sheepmount Brickworks, Maryhill Road.

1872 – Hardie Bros – Brickmakers, Sheepsmounts, Garscube Road, Glasgow.

1872 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Scotch sequestrations. Hardie Brothers, John Hardie and Son and John Hardie & Sons as brickmakers at Sheepmount Brickworks, North Woodside Road, Glasgow and farmers at Firhill near Glasgow.

19/08/1872 – Glasgow Herald – Brickmakers plant by auction. P Burn Son & McColl have been instructed by James Wink Esq, C.A, judicial factor on the Estate of Hardie Brothers etc to sell at Firhill Farm, Maryhill Road on Friday 28th August at 12 noon a large lot of brickmakers plant consisting wheeling planks, wheelbarrows, clay mill etc

25/10/1872 – Kincardinshire Advertiser – Scots sequestrations – Hardie Brothers, John Hardie & Son and John Hardie & Sons, brickmakers at Sheepsmount Brickworks, North Woodside Road, Glasgow.

Below – 20/11/1872 – Glasgow Herald – Hardie Brothers sequestration examination.

26/11/1872 – Glasgow Herald – Glasgow bankruptcy court – Yesterday in the sequestration of the Hardie Brothers, brick makers at Sheepmount and farmers at Firhill near Glasgow, Mrs Hardie, wife of John Hardie senior, was examined before Sheriff Bell in reference to her management of the dairy and the disposal of the funds received by her. Robert Hardie, one of the bankrupts, was re-examined regarding the deficiency brought out in their state of affairs but was still unable to account for upwards of £500 and the trustee being dissatisfied the examination was once again adjourned. Mr T.L Selkirk was present as trustee to the estate and Mr Lindsay as law agent in the sequestration.

Below – 30/04/1873 – Glasgow Herald – Discharged bankrupts – Hardie brothers.

Below – 23/09/1882 – Glasgow Herald – Fire in property belonging to Robert McKellar, Sheepmount.

c.1876 – c.1883 – Robert McKellar & Co – Brickworks, Glasgow.

1875 – 1876 – Robert McKellar & Co., brick makers, Sheepmount, New City Road, Glasgow.

1878 – 1879 – Robert McKellar, brickmaker, 14 Kerrsland Terrace.

1881 – 1882 – Robert McKellar (of Robert McKellar & Co.,) brickmakers, Sheepmount, New City Road.

1882 – Robert McKellar & Co, brickworks, New City Road, Glasgow.

1882 – 1883 – Robert McKellar & Co., brickmakers, Sheepmount,  New City Road; House, Woodland Terrace, Albert Road, Shawlands.

1885 – 1886 – John Paterson & Son, builders, brickmakers, and contractors, Nursery Brickworks, Pollokshaws Road, Sheepmount Brickworks, New City Road; Office, 522 Pollokshaws Road.

1886 – Donald R Paterson, brickmaker (John Paterson & Son), Hillfoot, Nithsdale Rd. Pollokshields.

John Paterson & Son, brickmakers, builders & contractors, 522 Pollokshaws Road.

John Paterson, brickmaker (John Paterson & Son), Hillfoot, Nithsdale.

John Paterson, brickmaker, Sheep’s mount, New City Rd. & Shaw’s Rd.

16/05/1889 – Glasgow Evening Post – Dean of Guild Court … the following linings were granted … James Allan, brickmaker, Sheepmount, New City Road. To erect a drying stove and other buildings on the south side of New City Road …

1890 – 1891 – James Allan, brickmaker, Sheepmount, New City Road, Glasgow. House 50 Wilton Street, Glasgow. (Note – SBH – Is this the same James Allan that operated out of the Craighall or Carluke Brickworks or are they one of the same? or is there a connection with James Allan who operated Woodside Brickworks, Langloan, Coatbridge).

Below – 1894 – Sheepmount Brickworks. (Not marked on the 1858 map or the 1909 map)

Below – 1894 – Sheepmount Brickworks.

Below – 30/08/1897 – Glasgow Herald – Sheepmount Brickworks for sale (It also refers to trotting horses for sale but I suspect this is a separate auction).

c.1940 – The 1985 publication ‘A survey of Scottish brickmarks’ suggests the works closed around this time.

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