Woodside Brickworks, Langloan, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

Woodside Brickworks, Langloan, Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.

1886 – Jas Allan, Woodside Brickworks, Langloan, Coatbridge.

11/02/1891 – Coatbridge Express – Early yesterday morning, the Coatbridge police took into custody five men whom they found sleeping about the brickworks in the vicinity of the Woodside Iron and Steel Works, the men being unable to pay for lodgings. They were brought before Bailie Lavell at the Police Court, on a charge of trespassing or lodging without leave about the works referred to, and were admonished. A large number of men in similarly destitute circumstances are presently hovering about the public works, seeking shelter at night and employment by day, the latter being extremely difficult to get owing to the scarcity of coal waggons.

28/04/1892 – Edinburgh Evening News – Woodside Iron Works, Coatbridge, the property of the late Mr James Allan, ironmaster and tube manufacturer were bought by Mr James Mitchell, the present manager, at the upset price of £5000. The works have only been closed for a couple of weeks and it is expected that operations will be resumed at once.

Below – 1896 – The possible location for the Woodside Brickworks, Langloan – Woodside Steel and Iron Works.


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